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New wookie warrior overload glitch found.

So just encountered this today, when playing as the wookie warrior there used to be a glitch where if you moved while activating the overload it would cancel it. Now on to the new glitch, i did the same thing but after it cancelled my overload but it permanently cancelled it, so everytime i activated it would instantly cancel did this about 6 times until i died. This happened on naboo in GA.


  • I’ve had this happen twice over the past couple days. I noticed what may have caused it during the 2nd time.

    I was in Overload and an Officer used disruption on me. Afterwards I couldn’t use Overload anymore, would immediately go to cooldown when used with no effect.

    Hopefully they pick this up and correct.
  • This has happened to me as well on xb1, not sure if the trigger was the same but makes sense
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