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Han Solo's shoulder charge requires tweaking

Right now Han Solo's shoulder charge is one of the most unreliable hero abilities when not handled properly. If you end up missing the charge, it'll result in losing more health as the enemy finds an opening. Even when you do successfully land a hit, the damage output all depends on the distance being travelled while charging. Hitting an enemy very close hardly does much to affect them at all as they suffer no knock back and the damage output is not too strong. You will only be able to get much use when you charge for about 2 seconds to hit the target as the knock back is great and damage becomes about 200. You just have to hope the enemy does not roll out of the way or the attack gets wasted greatly. I try using this ability most of the time against lightsaber heroes blocking, but it hardly does much and I still die so easily. I get use out of it when trying to escape faster, but I don't want to be using this for defense. I prefer the attack be used offensively like the last game where it helps Han escape out of sticky situations against stormtroopers.

Perhaps a lock-on capability can work as Han will immediately lock on to the closest target he is facing and automatically charge without ending up missing unless the enemy rolls at the precise moment. Plus you would be able to cancel the charge by simply rolling if you feel the charge is not worth using, which you can do right now. Or have the damage output be real high from the beginning of the charge to make players more cautious to attack Han at close range almost like when Phasma uses her staff to attack enemies real close to her. I just want Han's shoulder charge to be an effective ability so it doesn't feel like a wasted move you don't end up using most of the time.


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