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Make Multiplayer maps available for skirmish!

Anyone else like this idea?


  • DXlolman
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    edited September 2018
    You mean for arcade? Because most of them are ... only blast/HvsV maps though as bigger game mode maps needs a bigger game mode.

    Or are you just talking BF2015 which in case they abandoned updating that completely to work on BFII2017.
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  • Are you asking for Skirmish then? Lol
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  • BF 2015 skirmish was heavily scripted to make it playable, relying on AI to attack and defend walkers is difficult (not really but we'll say that it is for the sake of the devs)
    Domination, conquest, supremacy style objectives are much simpler to work with.

    So yeah bigger maps and alternative game modes are needed, the small merry go round deathmatch maps are mind numbing at best not to mention the bad spawn points.

    They haven't implemented other large scale game modes in multiplayer yet so chances of seeing it in arcade are slim.
  • Are there a skirmish mode in SWBF2?
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