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More Evidence of AI Retooling for "Conquest"?

So a few months back I found some interesting AI changes in Battlefront2015 that I thought (and many agreed) were a result of the devs working on AI for their inevitable inclusion in Online and Offline Conquest in BF2. PS4, btw.

Now I'm starting to see changes to the AI directly in BF2. This is a more subtle change, but I play A LOT of arcade—Onslaught and Team Battle in particular—and I had never seen this before in all my hours of playing since day one...

What I'm talking about is AI troops SPRINTING. Not jogging. Not walking around in circles at a snails' pace as per usual—but putting their head down and haul ^**** sprinting away from danger then finding cover in a safer location. I've gone from not seeing it ever to having seen it at least a dozen times in the past two weeks. I've sprinted after them to see where they go and to verify that it didn't just "look" like they were running faster.

I've seen lots of players complaining that all the AI does is walk around, but that is starting to change. Now, I'm not saying that the AI is magically playing exactly like an MLG player, but these kind of tweaks are certainly welcome additions—AND I feel are a precursor to things to come. I believe that A) the improved AI will be needed for Arcade "Conquest" and B) the improved AI will be added to ONLINE MULTIPLAYER as well, because I think the signs are pointing towards Conquest being more of a 32v32-ish mode as opposed to a 20v20 mode.

Don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself. If I'm wrong and this has been happening all along, then so be it. Tell me. Let me know what you find and tell me what you think.

Happy Hunting.



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