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Currently Broken and Useless starcards

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Broken starcards

1.Spreading The Disease

Lando Calrissian
1.Welcome To Cloud City
2.Disabler Growth
3.Quick Shock

Luke Skywalker
1.Deflection Mastery
2.Jedi Fighter

Darth Maul
1.Fool Me Once

1.Master Of The Force

Useless starcards

1.Sniper Expert

1.Wookiee Berserker

Emperor Palpatine

1.Amplified Aura
2.Prime Electrocution

Han Solo
1.Keep Your Head Cool
2.All In
3.Head Games

Iden Versio
1.Pulse Cannon Mastery

Kylo Ren
1.Total Control
2.Bloodletting Frenzy

Leia Organa
1.Optimized Shield Deployment

Darth Maul
1.Frantic Strikes

1.Come Get It

Captain Phasma
1.Only Pawns
2.All For Myself
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  • Spreading the disease and fool me once are fixed.

  • Fool Me Once Doesnt work
  • I use Spreading the Disease. I don't notice anything wrong with it.
  • Well I didnt see It increasing the radius or thickness of Bossk Dioxis Gas cloud when I tested it in Arcade.
  • BUMP ! Devs please tag this. @F8RGE
  • Zinjo2017
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    edited September 2018
    I still believe we need a fourth card slot, for trooper classes only, to be able to utilize the passive cards on baseline abilities. I'd love to use some of them, but won't sacrifice a card that helps me out in battle for a passive card that enhances a base ability, like the officer's command type, or survivalist, or resourceful cards and such.
    The fourth slot can be limited to base ability cards, defensive in nature that are not weapons so as to avoid, for example, giving the Assault two Vangard weapons, which would negatively affect game balance.
    ***On a side note, the spawn timer is a failure, please remove it. Squad selection in GA and Strike take the place of a spawn timer and on modes of CQC, like Blast and Extraction, it only serves to kill the fast pace of these games when you have to "wait" to get back into the action.
  • Explains why everyone runs the same build.
    This is how you teach scrubs:
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