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Implementation of Hero Battle Points

I think it would be an interesting idea to implement hero battle points. These special battle points would be individual from regular battle points. One of the things that prevents players from using special units and vehicles as often is because they are saving the battle points for heroes because they are the best units to play as compared to special units and vehicles. Players are also constantly fighting over a hero and they don't want to play as anything else. The way hero battle points can work is how they are the total accumulation of battle points received throughout a match. When you spend battle points on a vehicle or special units, your regular battle points go down, but the hero battle points remain the same as you're slowly progressing for earning them.

For example: you have 4,000 battle points and they you decide to spend 1,500 on an AAT, your regular battle points are at 2,500 while your hero battle points remain at 4,000. That way you remain close to being able to afford a hero and there is more variety in gameplay for the player than just trying to grind while a regular trooper. It would also help players endure less frustration when wasting battle points for dying so fast as a vehicle or special unit. When you become a hero, then you're spending your hero battle points.

It's also balanced enough because when you choose a special unit or some vehicles your battle point gain isn't so high as they are stronger than regulars, but you're still slowly progressing for a potential hero during a match. There needs to be a way to encourage more use of special units and vehicles during a battle rather than everyone just focusing on getting the hero and the implementation of hero battle points can be a potential solution.
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