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more clone wars era vehicles

Hello I have always love playing vehicle warfare in Battlefront 2. in the clone wars era there not much republic or separatists vehicles. I know there was a rumor that they will have or maybe add a snail tanks for the separatists and for all I know I saw the pic in google. anyways they should add more vehicles for all eras or for the weekends like less BP for vehicles for vehicle warfare. also they should add a republic fighter tank from the clone wars game in 2002. or almost all the vehicles from clone wars game in 2002 like the halfire droid, separatist fighter tank, spider walker, small spider walker droid or anything from the clone wars era games back from the past years. if the devs are going to make SWBF2 better before the BFV lunch... its gonna be a competitive match of SWBF2 vs BFV.


  • I know you all think this is a gameplay discussion post but for some feedback for better and more vehicles for vehicle warfare. I want that so I can playing vehicles in GA like the AAT's those were fun. but less Battle points would do please if you all can. thanks
  • I Personally think that the addition of the AT-TE, BARC speeder and STAP, is a big step from what we have now.
    The AT-TE is by far the latest giant vehicle we needed to be playable in the game, even if is was on rails.
    The STAP and BARC Speeder are quite important also, cause they are the main speeders for the Separatists and Republic.

    I dont think we will only get them. We still need another Separatist vehicle to counter that AT-TE. My guess is that the Homing spider Droids will be available. The Hailfire droids I really dont care, and the Dwarf Spider Droid I can understand that they still dont have it.

    My complete guess is that in that Geonosis Update we will be receiving the AT-TE, BARC,STAP, Homing Spider Droid and Geonosian Starfighter (was seen both in the First, Second Battles of Geonosis and are like the N-1 Starfighters, exclusive to one planet).
  • well this is for the future and Im not saying if could happen anytime later but for future if possible. but I understand for this cool update. I just hope that star wars battlefront 2 would be that better game like if that's what they all say.
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