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New fighters, New Interceptors, New Bombers and New Hero Ships and More

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edited September 2018
Hello I have always wanting to think if you guys can add more ships for StarFighter Assault. like if you could add a Tie Striker, Tie Hunter, Tie Defender, N-1 Naboo starfigher, V-19 Torrent, Z-95 Headhunter, U-wing, B-wing. also medium ships like Imperial Shuttle, Separatists Shuttle, Republic Shuttle, Palpatine's Shuttle, Resistance Transport Shuttle, Kylo Ren Shuttle, Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle, Krennic St-149 Shuttle and Hero Ships from any hero and villain ships in the future. (not much to tell) hopefully maybe all this or some ships can be flyable for StarFighter Assault or maybe bigger like A Massive Space Battle a lot bigger than Starfighter assault maps if possible for the future. hopefully this can inspire future and recent star wars fans that love star wars vehicles to fly them or feel in the cockpit while flying. Its a Big Imagination for star wars. I have a big passion for star wars. but its not my passion its George Lucas passion. well I hope some devs can have a time to think about having more starfighters and maybe transport ships to fly them as well. Thanks and May The Force Be With You... Always and yes Im a big star wars fan so what...


  • For me they must add:
    Obi Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker Interceptors
    Grievous Soulless One
    Jango Fett Slave I
    V-19 Torrent/Porax 38/B-wing/TIE Defender

    If they add Scarif:
    TIE Striker
    Blue X-wings

    Geonosis: Nantex-Class Starfighter (I hope it is playable)
  • if they add Scarif please also add the U-wing I really loved that ship compare to the Tie Striker and I did love that ship too. or maybe add the Tie Reaper if possible.
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