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New Skins for Vehicles

Vehicle warfare in GA has always been a fan favorite. but what if we had vehicle skins for vehicles to be customize just like the classes ofcourse their called appearances. say if you like driving and shooting the AAT but its always the yellow and brown skin for the vehicle and if we had a skin that turns yellow and brown to white and blue from the clone wars. some players might like that if they love vehicles ofcourse. or if the V-wing was black like a tie fighter in the end of revenge of the sith. or if the X-wing was blue for the rebels from the movie Rogue One. or the MTT in white and blue if possible for the clone wars maps in the future. I know its not a thing for star wars but if you want to dress to impress or to show off your looks on the battlefront. same thing with the clones of the end of august update. just think about it. Thanks
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