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Cheap and easy inflation of content

This is me trying to be positive about the game.

Now that we've all seen (and I think mostly accepted) that the people making this game are only willing to go the cheap and easy route, here's a list of cheap and easy things that could be done that would really flesh out the relatively slender content in this game.

Most of these ideas have already been suggested and discussed by myself and others on this forum. I just wanted to get them in one place, and strip away the elements that might require some effort. Leaving us with only the cheap and easy.

[EDIT: With the announce that they're fixing the skin accuracy of the Clone Legions, I will allow for a little hope that they may do something other than the cheapest and easiest thing. Not a LOT of hope, though, since making legions into buyable skins rather than map defaults is still the cheap lazy way to go.]

Remove class restrictions on skins. if all human and alien heads were available to all classes, that would open up a lot of options for players. The gear and posture is enough to identify classes, especially with the icon over the head. (Total of 165 new head options)

Bring all campaign skins into customization. There's at least a dozen human and alien heads in the campaign that aren't provided as options for player customization. Bring them all in, for all classes and applicable factions. (Total of around 40 new heads)

Remove elements of current skins, make them customization. Take away the Clone Specialist's medium pauldron, the small pauldron on the Clone Heavy's right shoulder, the visor on the Clone Heavy, the Clone Specialist's binocs, the Imperial Officer's field armor and helmet, and all the Stormtrooper pauldrons for the Empire and the first order. Maybe the comlink thing on the rebel Officer's hat, too. Then provide them all as customization options for certain classes, probably at Common or Uncommon tier. (Total of at least 18 new elements)

Open up other map areas for small modes. Particularly for Blast, HvV, and Arcade, but Extraction and Strike would be great too. Let us play in the Venator on Kashyyyk, or in the marshes, or on the beach. The streets of Theed, or the Great Hall. Etc. (Could provide between 9 an 18 new maps, at least)

Open campaign maps up for use. Again, at least for Blast, HvV, and Arcade because they're easy, but Extraction and Strike would be great as well. Vardos, Pillio, Bespin Industrial Levels, Sullust Factory, Endor Platform, there's lots of good maps there. (Could provide at least 5 or 6 new maps, possibly more)

Open most maps to other eras. Pretty much all of them except the Death Star and Starkiller Base. Replace MTTs with AT-ATs or whatever, replace LAATs with U-Wings, etc. (This would give each Era an additional 4-6 maps)

Create alternate versions of existing modes. Make a Hero Extraction mode. A Hero Blast mode. Move the current version of GA into the Hero Modes section, and make an Assault Modes version where Heroes are limited to 1 per side, Enforcers limited to 2 per side. Etc, etc. I assume this would be a copy-and-paste for the most part and thus fairly easy, but of course I could be wrong.


  • Devlin21
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    edited September 2018
    Good ideas. +1

  • Nice stuff! This is what I was thinking of for so long, thanks for doing the research for the numbers of options it would add.
    Speaking of Clones again, make all base classes plain white shinies. Then you can add markings and other small equipment, and join the standard skins for maps (like Green Company on Kashyyyk and the red ones on Theed), that'd be so cool.
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    He knew.
  • Couldn't agree more with removing bits from the default classes. In an ideal world, a "Halo: Reach" style customization system would be nice, were you could add different pieces of armour individually.
    Mygeeto CT thread + demo video!
  • WodiQuix
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    edited September 2018
    Nice ideas! I made a very similar thread about infantry customization highlighting the same points. I seriously hope this happens. So many potential skins!
  • Great way to use exisiting maps for existing game modes.
  • Yet another great post, Mr. Thorn! I agree with all of this. +1
  • 5/7 would love this.
    Versatti wrote: »
    Dennis, EA or Disney still do not understand their customer base or how to win them over.
  • Sounds like a plan, a good one at that.
  • I'm thinking and wondering the same why they haven't done that so far. They have finished assest just waiting to be imported.
    The only explanation is that they will drip feed them in the coming months just so that it will have the effect of "new content" being added every month.
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  • Played a few matches of GA this morning before work, and I spawned in one time as a Weequay, and there was another Weequay spawning in with me. That's not a big deal really, but I was thinking, it sure would be nice if there was some slight bit of further customization available to differentiate my skins from someone else's. Nothing garish...just something...I don't know.

    Overall, it's not a big deal to me. I'd file this little request under "quality of life."

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