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Everything wrong with SWBF2

- Hans shouldercharge always hits 3 times(he hits u...Bam...BAM...BAM.. is it wanted or buggy?

- BlasterHeroes using meele on saber heroes!? way too effective mby they should ge dmg for it?

- Grievous probably not having his blaster even doe its featured heavly in episode 3 and clone wars: i heard StarWars HQ talk about a leak that says he's getting a ground slam?!

- Kylo ren animation on pull and freeze takes 2 long u get so much dmg in the meantime

- Are you even working on Heroes? Besides Starcards/dmg buffs/nerfs? (faster animations for example)

- Hero healthcards aren't good for the game..why not make it a passive for all Heroes and let players customize all 3 cards..instead of makeing 1 basically a must have?

- Blocking mechanics like the glitch that was shown a while ago did it better than it is atm. Was it planned like the glitch but not finished?

- Blocking while running(using shift) with double stamina would be a welcome thing (no block for jumping makes sense doe because they can reach quite a few placed others cant with it

- Numbers much dmg does a saber strike? how much dmg does the ability? Starcard for 2 or more enemys in choke lets u deal 30% more dmg OF WHAT? does it even makes sense
using it? if it does 100 dmg and now it would do 130?...still doesnt kill troopers(who arent wounded) i got all the info i have from patchnotes and youtubers who tested it on their own

- Just let all troopers get 150hp. Whats the point of the heavy having more..he got his shield and stuff. 150 is fine

- removel of the times2 mulitplier made the game more friendly for players who like to abuse stuff because now good players cant counter the officer+"bounty-hunter"method(before u could
stay alive long enough to get the x2 bonus which most of them couldn't)

- Ben please use 1 account for swbf2 and 1 for private..u got a lot of angry but hopefull people who dont want to know about a Sofa

- Game looks like made for casuals but is buggy and complicated like Hell even for youtubers and people like me who (at 1 time) played it daily for weeks..whats that about?

- Leia E-11 could use some adjustments..the bolts feel like floppy d***'s ...cant feel power behind them

- GA: almost impossible to get 6k heroes. Even if im the top player some1 is just rushing the 4,5k (most times its Bossk/Palp sometimes Bossk/Maul)

- For me atleast...GA and HvV are the main gamemodes of this game...and we got basically nothing so far besides 2 new maps for HvV but we did get lots and lots of arcade stuff and
new "events". WHY?

- Are the Developers really so out of touch that they dont even get to read peoples messages screaming in their Face what they want and whats wrong with the game?! If yes..why?

- Will w8 till feb or good news about a lot of things fixed come out to play the game again...can suggest it to others


  • Llunots
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    edited September 2018
    Definetly 150 HP for all classes NOOOOOO,NO. In fact I think each of them should have diferent health. About the Health Cards. They aren't a must. Health cards just gives you more survival but if you know how to play and when not to engage, I don't really use them.
    Arcade is the future of the game at long terms. In 10 years multi-player will be so dead that if you want to play, you will have to play offline. Still waiting for the large scale mode.
  • Classes should define themselves with their kit and weapons,not HP or something.HP Cards ye ofc u can play without them but there are so many things like the LAAT,Starfighter and all the explosions and explosive shots...that u kinda need them if u want to be good(aka help ur team) and survive till the end of the round...

    Arcade isnt the future...no1 will play this game in 10 years bc (i hope so atleast) there will be rly good star wars games and mby even a SWBF3. Large scale mode is said to come in NOV.
  • Why would a fully armoured trooper, and say an officer in clothing have the same amount of HP? And with the speed differences etc... Officers and Specialists should always have less health than Heavy and Assault.
  • Zero team balance which results in one team curbstomping the other every round.
  • People asking to nerf everything that killed them...
    My youtube channel Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4 etc gameplay
  • People asking to nerf everything that killed them...

    what exactly do u mean? Im a Heavy main myself...i just want the game to be balanced and fun to play also i wanna know if im wrong and why this isnt some angry statement :D
  • No private servers. I would play constantly if that were an option.
  • I stopped reading after you complained about characters who aren't even in the game yet.
  • Or instead of balancing the health cards — have them completely removed, and make Bossk’s healing only go up 25% more than the usual hero other than being able to heal at max.
  • The only thing that should be added to this list of things wrong with the game is the "EA" logo on the packaging, disk, and startup screens... that shouldn't be there. They obviously don't know what they're doing with this game.
  • I have some design questions about the Star Cards.
    Why are the abilities partially separated from the starcards? Why can't the initial abilities of the classes be Star Cards too? Thus it is no longer possible to have a blaster turret for example, and level 3 permanent skills at same time. At the momemt you can have 6 skills, but if you change the initial abilities you only have 3 skills. The improvements are also Star Cards, so it shouldn't be a problem. At the moment it is not consistent in my opinion. Personally, I would find it better if it were like in Battlefront 1, where you have 3 abilities and each one is occupied with a Star Card and additionally a permanent ability. In the skill HUD, a ability slot is still empty, which can be filled with the permanent ability. I do not want the Star Cards to be changed, but that all directly available abilities are also Star Cards and that only one permanent ability can be selected which is displayed among the 3 ability slots that is empty anyway. So the whole thing would be clearer and all Star Cards would be seen during the whole match cause they are the used abilities, and not like now, were they can be seen just at the beginning. It would also be better to see the color of the respektive improvement in the skill HUD during the match. So it may be more intuitive and not so complicated.
    Will there be some changes in addition to the Star Cards in future Updates?

    Thanks and kind regards

  • Here's something that's wrong about the game: original cargo wasn't included.
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  • I stopped reading after you complained about characters who aren't even in the game yet.

    why doe? I just know that Dice will not be smart enough (they just dont care about making good games) to include this stuff in the game...its a miracle that we get 4 sabers for grievous..even doe thats not even confirmed... i want to play a star wars game where i can play as my favorite Hero and clones/droids and stuff...but i just cant...(only ppl who like Rey and the heroes that ARE in the game can...but only if they like/accept the playstyle given to them...if vader was the fastest most agile wouldnt be like vader and ppl would dislike it)
  • Zinjo2017
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    recyclops wrote: »
    Zero team balance which results in one team curbstomping the other every round.

    Yep been that way from day one. No apparent effort to improve player matching and game balance. I don't know if it is tester feedback from clan players who want to keep playing on the same side or what, but something like matchmaking using the player ranking system couldn't hurt. For 1 40+ ranked player on a side, you have to have a low ranked player and for God's sake remove the spawn timers.
    They serve no purpose other than to slow the game down and keep the lower ranked players from quickly getting back into the game and give grinders the advantage in every mode. The grinders are not the only one's who paid for the game. You get some good momentum in your attack and then your reinforcemnts are waiting 5/10 secs to get back into the game? Your are putting up an effective defense and the same thing happens.
  • I stopped reading after you complained about characters who aren't even in the game yet.

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    LOL. The fact that this didn’t get more attention is what’s so hilarious about this thread. I mean, you’d think that a thread called “Everything wrong with SWBF2” would immediately get the attention of most of the community. I mean wow.....this is a whole new level of sad.😂🤣😂🤣😂zbs00010bev0.gif
    No but honestly, I haven’t played this game for a solid month at this point. This games just feels so dead.
    “Your overconfidence is your weakness.” - Luke Skywalker
  • 1 major thing that I hate is people can dodge a lightsaber by rolling, it's rlly messed up
  • Zinjo
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    1 major thing that I hate is people can dodge a lightsaber by rolling, it's rlly messed up
    And they are supposed to die like good little sheep?? It's their only defense against sabre heroes!

  • d0kRX
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    Here's something that's wrong: there's no original cargo mode.
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  • d0kRX
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    But I'll tell you what I don't don't think everything the OP posted is wrong.
    PSN: d0kRX
  • Zinjo wrote: »
    1 major thing that I hate is people can dodge a lightsaber by rolling, it's rlly messed up
    And they are supposed to die like good little sheep?? It's their only defense against sabre heroes!

    Yeah, it wouldn’t be an issue since they can’t dodge force powers. Problem is force power usually don’t work.
    “Your overconfidence is your weakness.” - Luke Skywalker
  • No support for strike and SA. Too much Clown Wars content.
  • CeymalRen wrote: »
    No support for strike and SA. Too much Clown Wars content.

    I will agree there is not enough support for other modes, but technically the Galactic Civil War has 5 maps while Clone Wars has 8. Galactic Civil War has the most content in the game right now. Even more heroes.
    “Your overconfidence is your weakness.” - Luke Skywalker
  • IronSoldier
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