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explosive sentry bug

while its not high priority..

there is a bug where deactivating the explosive sentry sometime results in a broken/jittery walk which you cannot get out of.

This often results in death, but you can get out of it if you last long enough to re-activate it and then deactivate it agin letting your avatar run.

searched but didn't find anything on this before. please add to fix list.


  • it's not just explosive sentry
    if you're talking about a weird bug where your walk speed is slower and your sprint does the animation but does not increase the speed at all, and also you can't jump....
    ....then I can confirm that it's a bug that can occur from using any ability. Trooper or hero.
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  • sounds similar but i've never seen this on any other ability with anyone else other than the heavy/explosive sentry and i've played a lot.
  • It's been in the game since launch 🙄
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