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December CC


Can anyone out there literally help me complete the last two heroes challenges that I simply can’t seem to get! It’s driving me mad and I’m so obsessed with getting 100% completely I’d pay to get the Luke push five people and Boba 3 kills with rockets challenges done.
My obsession is causing a lack of sleep and it’s taken over my life. I just can’t seem to get those two challenges.
Please help!!!


  • What platform are you on? I'd be happy to die for a good cause.
  • yes, those 2 i know i'll probably never get.
  • I got the Luke one in GA and the Fett one in HvV - for the Luke push I did it on Death Star, just gotta get lucky with a group (might be easier now with the squad spawning thing) - for the Fett challenge I had a good kylo teammate who froze the entire team and they got all my rockets - this was coordinated in chat
  • Thanks guys. I’m on PS4 😁
  • Good point about the spawning, I’ve had it a few times where I’ve finally got enough bp to get a hero, waited for Luke to be available and then run all the way back to the action for the game to end!!! Arrrgh!! Hopefully it’ll make a difference.
  • I got the Boba one on Death Star 2 at the elevator uplink. They were all down their turning it on etc and I had just spawned in. I got to the top of the stairs and fired down and got it.

    The Luke one was hard but I finally got it a few weeks back on Jakku at the 3rd phase. Loads of people will come in by the side door.. Just keep an eye on it and push anyone that comes in...You might get lucky like me.


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