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Spawn System: Enemies in my face

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edited September 2018
Hello, Today we have a problem.

The new spawn-system is often in Galatic Assualt not so good,
every one is just geting in each others faces, and you just immediately die.
EVERY time I play Glactic Assualt theres alway one team that is as far in the front as possible and is reking the other team :(
And yes I have been on both sides, not as bad to be the team in front and winning but still not near the fun it was before.

I wish that Dice could take the area were you can spawn (that now is the area were the player can be) and shrank it down to half the length of the area were the player actually can be, then you could get to the front line but still not up in the enemies face.
And even if this makes it harder to spawn to your friends, you still can see were they are and whats going on, you just have to run there your self, it can be like a fun little quest in the start of your spawn, go to your teammate. :)

And please take away the ability to spawn on caption/objetive areas or ner any objective as it makes it way to easy to cape in that case.

Heroes should be able to spawn on tropps as it once more, makes it unbalanced.

Doe I think it really fun being able to get to place with arials, it gives to more places to go as a troper on mapes as kashyyyk. And its in general very fun to be able to have your own squad, but its not fun when you can't even connect with them, have some peace as you run towards to battlefront.

Dear Dice, please bring that feeling back :D
Hope you having it good enough

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