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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

2 things and(im not a progamer but at least I think can) be really easy to +. please look into this

1 Skin selector in arcade . How hard would this really be. All they would have to do is copy some code some how( if thats how this game works)

2 this might be a little harder and maybe not even possible since he comes out so soon but a

" No, now you are sorry" emote for grevious.

it is in one of the unfinished episodes of the clone wars on star wars .com
go to tv shows then clone wars then click legacy its in one of the ones about utapau.
sorry I cant rember which one it is.

Again it may be to late but it would be awesome. technically it is still canon and is just kind of really cool
If you cannot find the video i may post it later. basically some utapaun leader goes to grevious and informs him

"im sorrry we lost the jedi."

or something to that affect.

grevious, stabs him says No Now you are sorry.
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