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You've nerf'd bad players

Massive Star Wars fan. Massive Battlefront fan. Crummy gamer. I grew up in the arcade era... so, Blast carries the most appeal to me. I've compensated for my lack of ability by using the strengths of individual classes to their advantage. Having said that, I've never gotten a first place ranking in my Battlefront career, but am just thrilled to be in the fight and occasionally make a difference. The ion turret nerf dealt a blow, and moreso, I'm very dissatisfied with the officer recharge command not recharging my own abilities. I got (get) my a** handed to me regularly by kill teams and better players.... and I still have a great time because those small victories were a reward. They didn't work on every map, nor did they work against every kill team or player. All this succeeded in doing was making worse players even less effective against those who already have an easy time with the game. I play no other games except Battlefront, and I have been on for about a year. I have maxed out all the classes, and try hard to improve. I am the first to admit that I suck. But, to make it even more difficult for those of us who aren't gifted, what's the use of having advantages to the different classes at all? I can be at the bottom of the ranking for 10 straight maps, and still turn off my machine happy. But now, I'm just getting slaughtered. If nerfing small advantages in different classes is a way to get rid of players who aren't able to get up to speed, then you are succeeding. Sadly.


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    Officer recharge still effects your own abilities.

  • I understand, but being a pretty scrubby player myself (my aiming is atrocious), I've found many ways of contributing positively to my team without using things that got nerfed.

    The mentioned Recharge Command is one - I use it to back up heroes and heavies wherever I can find them. My usual Officer kit is Recharge, Improved Flash Grenade/Disabler, and Disruptor. I recharge allies after they've used abilities, blind nearby enemies or disable incoming grenade, and disrupt incoming flanking enemies so they don't kill me or allies. Many other Officer uses available, even if you'll never be a headshotting god.

    Heavies are much more than a turret carrier. In fact, I found the turret being a nerf of my efficiency in most cases. I'd much rather have Shield or Barrage. The latter being my preference. Barrage is highly underrated IMO, takes some practice, but you can bounce the grenades around corners and hirt/take out groups of enemies without exposing yourself to fire. All the sentry abilities are good for something, I usually stick with the basic one.

    Specialist got melee, hardened/scramble infiltration and trip mines. Don't forget those mines! Run around unseen, place mines, and beat anyone in the way to death. Don't even need the bubble, though that's a good alternative.

    Mostly, though, I concentrate on placement. Since I can't reliably shoot someone, I try to get into an angle where I'm certain to do something regardless. Help my teammates. Get some grenades/mines where nobody expects them. Protect a flanking position. Get behind the enemy and go on a kamikaze rampage with 'nades, guns, sentry, whatever. Even if I don't kill anyone, I make sure they're hurt, so teammates can mop them up and give me a good amount of assist points.

    Like (my) Yoda says: What must be done, do. Hesitate, do not. Show mercy, do not.
  • Devlin21 wrote: »

    Officer recharge still effects your own abilities.

    Unless there's a glitch exclusive to my PS4, it doesn't. L1 R1 recharge command leaves my diffuser and disrupt in red. I'm not mistaken.
  • Guys practice off line and experiment with the settings. Good luck.
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