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Geonosis need "Jedi Knights/Consulars" reinforcements.

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edited October 2018
Pretty much what the title says.


We can't have Geonosis map without more Jedi, for that I think adding a "Jedi Consular" reinforcement class would be hella cool to have around two or 3 random Jedi running around the map with your team. They could be limited to Geonosis maps only.

Just make them with some 500 hp, Force Push, Force Deflect and Force Slam (sorta like Repulse, but hits the ground with lightsaber).

Add a variety of skins: Human male and female and different alien races featured in the Geonosis arena.


  • Funny I just made post about no wookies . Asking for commando arc or new commander type even a weak Jedi!

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