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Hunt Mode Essentials

I had originally posted a version of this on Reddit over six months ago, but due to the Devs coming back to the game, I thought it might be a good time to revisit/revise these again.

Here are 11 Hunt Modes that Are Essential Additions to "Ewok Hunt."

REBEL HUNT Map—Tantive IV (variation/extension of the Blockade Runner from Death Star GA)
Scenario: Stormtroopers are boarding the Tantive IV in a search for the Death Star plans. Darth Vader is leading the charge (player chosen randomly). Rebels soldiers must hold off the Empire long enough for Princess Leia to stow away the plans on R2D2 and jettison the escape pod. The corridors of the Tantive IV are filled with smoke from burning fires and explosions aboard the ship. VADER and two stormtroopers start the charge. As rebels are taken out, the stormtroopers' numbers grow.

WAMPA HUNT Map—Twilight on Hoth
Scenario—Left behind at Echo Base after the evacuation, your squad must survive one last day on frigid Hoth before the U-Wing comes back to evacuate you. Blizzard conditions. Near zero visibility. Increasing number of Wampas hunting you. All you have is your standard issue blaster, a short burst infrared "flashlight," and your wits

GEONOSIAN HUNT Map—Geonosis (Catacombs)
Scenario: A squad of clones has been left behind to hold a Republic outpost following the Battle of Geonosis. But the natives are restless. Cut off from the rest of their forces, the clones must survive the darkness of the catacombs until help arrives.

WOOKIE HUNT Map—Kassyyykk (Tall Grass, Foggy)
Scenario: Battle droids invading the Wookie home planet have underestimated the Wookies. In the dense early morning mist on Kassyyykk, a squad of battle droids are on a mission to eradicate the wookies, armed with their infrared flashlights and standard issue blasters. But they are quickly overrun, and have to deal with a planet full of angry Wookies before their transport can arrive and take them to safety.

JAWA HUNT Map—Jawa Refuge (SWBF2015)
Scenario: An Imperial outpost on Tatooine is too close to comfort for a clan of Jawas, and before the stormtroopers stationed there can wipe out their camp, they've decided to take matters into their own hands. When not falls, they pull out their shock blasters and go after the stormtroopers. Stormtroopers try to defend their outpost. Jawas, Eyes glowing. Sporting Shock Blasters, trying to force stormtroopers off of their desert plant of Tatooine. Armed with E-11s and flashlights, stormtroopers will have their hands full. Uuteenee!!!!

GAMMOREAN HUNT—Map: Jabba's Palace
Scenario: While Jabba and most of the Palace denizens are off on the Sail Barge trying to sacrifice a group of rebel scum to the almighty Sarlacc, a small band of Rebels infiltrates the Palace under cover of darkness to steal a precious artifact. Little do they know that Gammoreean Guards are roaming the Palace halls, axes in hand, ready to cut down unsuspecting intruders.

Scenario: A small Rebel platoon on Patrol have gotten lost in a Tatooine sandstorm and wandered into a Tusken Raider Camp. But the winds are whipping up, the sand is blowing, and visibility is near zero. When the first cries of of the sand people echo through the canyons, the Rebels reach for their infrared binocs...and hope to survive the night.

JEDI HUNT Map—Coruscant (Jedi Temple)
Scenario: Order 66 has come down from the Emperor himself and the clones have been tasked with wiping out the Jedi Order. . Jedi are tasked with defending the Temple and the Survival of the order. As Jedi are killed, the clone trooper numbers grow. Jedi need to survive long enough for a transport to come and take them off of Coruscant.

GUNGAN HUNT Map—Naboo (Theed)
Scenario: battle droids have been sent to Naboo, but they've encountered more resistance than they expected. GUNGAN warriors have come to the aid of the Naboo and have stepped up to push back the threat to their home world. Night has fallen and every battle droid is equipped with flashlights and standard Blasters.

Scenario: (Borrowing a mechanic from Battle Station SWBF2015 with playable R2-D2) Night has descended on Takodana. The First order scouts are searching for the droid holding the map to Luke Skywalker, BB-8. A group of brave resistance fighters are stranded at Maz's castle, they've sent a distress signal to the resistance, but the First Order is coming for the droid. But until they receive word on a shuttle incoming they must protect the droid with their lives. As resistance players are killed, they become FO troopers. All troops are outfitted with flashlights. BB-8 is playable. Resistance defends and escorts BB-8 to extraction.


BOUNTY HUNT Map—Jabba's Palace/Palace Garage (Disclaimer: would need more bounty hunters for it to work properly, and this is a slightly different mechanic from Ewok Hunt).
Scenario: Jabba has put on bounty on the heads of a squad of rebel soldiers and have lured them to the Palace after planting false information the would be valuable to the Alliance. Four Bounty Hunters have been hired to collect the bounties, but they're on the clock, the Palace has been abandoned, and it's pitch black inside Jabbas palace. The Rebels have called for evacuation, but they'll need to survive the night against some of the galaxies most fearsome bounty hunters, before time is up and the U-Wing Shuttle arrives for extraction.

Mechanics: Random Rebels are marked for death with bounties on their heads. The Rebels mission is to protect the soldiers marked for death and kill as many bounty hunters as possible. When a bounty hunter kills a target the bounty is collected (extra credits). Bounty hunters can kill each other. When a bounty hunter is killed he becomes a rebel. Winning bounty hunter is awarded extra credits from Jabba endgame. Each Bounty Hunter has his own method of seeing in the dark (temporarily). Boba Fett, Bossk, Greedo, and Dengar. Yes, Greedo and Dengar would have to be reintroduced. Already, Greedo, Boba, and Bossk have a "night vision" ability. Dengar needs one as well. Side note: a Prequel version should exist as well, too, featuring Jango, Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, and Zam Wessel.
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