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Lightsaber combat reworking

So, the current system seems very... Skillless. So, why not better sabre combat, with left click swinging left and right click swinging right, while melee button does a straight jab. Swings may be blocked and deal normal damage, and can be blocked by blocking on that side, while jabs cannot be blocked except by dodging, but the attacker recieves x2.5 damage while using it, and recovering from it. Could be nice. More strategy. Yet still simple.
Threads Want
I want...
El-16HFE rof buff
Engineer class
Dual pistols
Commando class, ARC, commando droid, Inferno Squad, Insurgent, Shock Trooper(FO), assassin(Resistance).
Heavy/Light vehicle classes
Dwarf spider droid
Homing Spider Droid
Snail Tank
Saber tank
RO Jedha tank
Actual bombs coming out of the bomber.
RO season


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