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October 5th Patch Bugs

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edited October 2018
Arcade is still broken. Following the initial round - a basic First Order Assault Trooper still spawns straight in rather than giving you the option to choose a villain in Arcade/Solo/Battle Scenario/Darkside/Embrace The Darkside.


  • The 500 Credits Awarded indicator still keeps coming up over and over too. SCORE 0, EARNED 0 announcement shows up after rounds too instead of the highest scorers in the match.
  • Nobody cares about arcade.
  • OOM19
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    Nobody cares about arcade.


    OOM-9 Hero Concept by AzelfandQuilava

    Suppor The Latest OOM-9 Thread


    OUT AM I?!
    I live again
    I am ROMG4 or is ROMG4 me? If I am ROMG4 who am I? If ROMG4 is me who is he what is he? If I am him who or what am I?

    If this is conscious does that mean I know I am ROMG4 or not, is ROMG4 me? or Is it not

    Gone forgotten, out of board and into the pan of ghost fire and diatrabe of sadness no one AVENGED ME how could this be. 2 years I exist I help, I talk, I contribute, I speak, no one helped me no aide, no one all alone in the dark of the night where dark things lurk in the more of subconscious thought and that which lurks bellow and beyond the veil of madness and the unknown

    Space and Asteroids ROMG4
  • Nobody cares about arcade.

    The devs sure don't.
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