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The good thing about the new large scale game mode getting postponed

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edited October 2018
I would like to get the new game mode as soon as possible, but there are two things I want to say, and both are related with this hero weekend

Firstly, I really like facing off against so many heroes, but I think that the issue is that you almost never can face off against a normal trooper (because almost half of the team is a hero) so what I think is that it would be perfect if the maximum amount of players is raised up, but because this will never happen in Galactic Assault I would like to say I think it would be perfect in the new large scale game mode

And secondly, I want the cross era heroes to go (at least in Galactic Assault) once we get all the heroes, I don’t if that’s going to be good, because for clone wars we’ll have 6 heroes, for the original trilogy we’ll have 10 heroes but for the sequel we’ll have only 4 but what I would like to ask is: does cross era heroes should go for all non-hero game modes or should it stay for the new large scale game mode?
Another thing to mention is that in Galactic Assault the no cross era heroes thing could work if they still allow Chewbacca in the clone wars, Luke, Han, Leia in the sequels etc. Thoughts?

In conclussion, I think the new game mode should be for 32-32 or a bit more and that cross era heroes could go away if we are sure it would be the best option


  • Just the thought of that makes me feel like giving up on this game
  • DrX2345
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    I don't know about cross era in Conquest, I think they'll keep it as it is because some factions have quite a lot more heroes available than the other from that era (Resistance has 6 era heroes, FO only has two). Unless they altered it so only Rey and Finn were available for the Resistance, I think they'll just leave it as is.
    As for player count in Conquest - so far they've just said that they won't be increasing the player count, it'll stay at 40 in a game. I'm guessing there'll be AI soldiers running around too in that case, otherwise it feels like it will be a little empty (but that's with no existing knowledge of how the gamemode will function, they could make it work with just 40 players).
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