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All Patch Changes to Rey Up to October's Hotfix

I gathered this info for Answers HQ, but I thought it would be interesting to post it here too, so more people get to know and maybe discuss about it. This is all info specifically on Rey that I could find in all patch notes up to October's hotfix patch (missing patches had no direct info on Rey):
Patch 0.2
  • Fixed an issue where Rey's lightsaber would sometimes disappear.

Patch 1.0
  • Mind Control no longer blocks the target's abilities
  • Survivor Star Card now has the correct description

Patch 1.2
  • Mind Control - Reduced Mind Control radius from 20 to 18 meters
  • Insight - Reduced Insight radius from 50 to 30
  • Far Sight - Reduced bonus by 10% (now 10, 20, 30, 40%)

Patch 2.0
  • While using INSIGHT, a circle shouldn't appear under Rey for other players when activated

Night on Endor Update
  • The RESILIENT DASH Star Card is now giving the proper, listed damage reduction. Previously the damage reduction was higher than stated.
  • The INSIGHT ability's description now properly states that Rey's Stamina does not deplete while the ability is active

Han Solo Season Update Part 2
  • Fixed an issue where Rey could DASH through a lightsaber block

Hero Starfighters Update
  • Fixed and issues where Rey's Dash Strike ability was dealing multiple damage

Elite Corps Update
  • Fixed an issue where players could occasionally re-trigger Rey's Insight ability without waiting for a cooldown

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  • Devlin21
    8328 posts Member
    Nerf after nerf tbh.

  • t3hBar0n
    5001 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    TBH the only "nerf" I really disliked was the blanket change to the dodge mechanic which impacted Rey more than others as her dodge was faster than everyone elses prior.

    She still remains the most powerful lightside hero for winning GA matches, so I don't feel that bad for her (I have probably played her at least twice as much as my 2nd most played lightside hero).
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  • TheUltimateHope
    1103 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    I hope it won't stop here. Dash strike guard breaking i'm looking at you.
  • Thank god Darksiders are getting an "Insight" when Boba's kit is reworked to feature is HoK.

    HoK, For the Hunt duration and Rocket Barrage will be my go-to GA loadout for him. At long last, an equalizer. TO an extent anyway.
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    "I have never died to a Finn"
  • Keep on nerfin on.
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  • MC_XIX
    1926 posts Member
    Bit of a joke tbh. She's not really much of a threat in HvV anymore. She's good in GA, but only for assisting the team. Luke is actually better for kill streaks now.
  • Defbored
    1546 posts Member
    And she is still a monster in ga and hvv.
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