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Battle Point Event
Focused Feedback

Hope cannot save them tier 3 should have more time.

I feel more time should be added to the final tier in HOPE CANNOT SAVE THEM, or at least get rid of last stand. Make it so that we can start again and continue until it is completed. Also it might help if some stormtroopers were added.


  • It wouldn’t be onslaught off you had team mates
  • I struggled to complete a few of the tier 3 arcade games, there’s a load of YouTube videos of guys giving advice and showing tips on how to complete them.
    Put it this way, if I can do it at 46, you definitely can!
    Good luck!
  • I finally beat the tier 3 and only made this topic because I was having a hard time playing it.
  • Hope cannot save them but the AI going on holiday does!

    Onslaught means the AI should be coming at you constantly.

    I do find until I'm doing to 10 seconds then the AI go and hide!
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