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[PC] Looking for people to start matches on DLCs maps.

I'm creating a group of players to start matches on dlcs maps. I want you to join if you meet these two requirements:

You must be European or live near Europe (like North Africa for example) and the most important thing:

You must have the dlcs maps and you must play on PC.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, add me on Origin.

My nickname is: jmoyano92

(The date you read this doesn't matter, if you read it within a year or even two, you can still add me. I'm very active)


·The Rebellion needs you!

or if you prefer:

*The Imperial Forces require your skills, soldier.


  • Title.
  • ok, I'm here.
  • I've sent a friend request :D
  • Hola, vi un post tuyo similar en otro foro, y decidí responder también aquí por si no veías alguna de las dos respuestas. Ya te agregué en Origin, pero si ves este mensaje antes que el del otro foro, te explico. Soy de México, pero juego en servidores de Europa porque ahí es más fácil encontrar partidas. Dudo que el ping sea un problema, ya que el juego hasta ahora me va muy bien y no he sufrido por la conexión. Tengo el juego completo, y estoy muy interesado en jugar esos mapas de DLC y de completar algunos contratos Hutt importantes que requieren jugar en dichos modos, como el TL-50 y el EE-4. Espero veas mi respuesta y aceptes mi solicitud, gracias.
  • I've sent you a friend request on origin to play SW Battlefront
  • Someone add me Chillbro_Bagins

    I am always on and looking for a good crew to play with.
  • I'll send u request then I'm in and wanna aplay deathstar defenly 😎
  • I'm looking to play the DLC maps too. Add me Adaster678
  • im always up for a game bro
  • I'm in bro
  • I am new to this game (exactly 1 week playing it to be honest) and I just became aware that all DLC content can only be played Multiplayer/Online. What a disappointment!

    I would like to try mostly the Death Star and Scarif DLCs (space battles is what i am looking for) but i am also available to play the other 2 DLCs.

    Add me too. Origin Name: ncardosoea
  • Apparently there is the possibility to play a Private Match which has access to many maps from the DLCs.

    As I said in my previous post I am interested to try the space battles even if they are limited in the Private Mode.
    I was looking to try:

    If anyone is willing to try it with me please add me as a friend and lets try it!
    Origin Name: ncardosoea
  • Kfyatec
    4 posts Member
    edited February 26
    I'd love to play in modes where you can no longer find players such as Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Cargo, Blast, Extraction, Sabotage, Battle Station. I would like to unlock Hutts Contracts and achievement. Add me as your friend my Origin ID: Kfyatec
  • Hello!

    I am 20, speak English and am lfg for Star Wars Battlefront EA (2015)

    My gamer tag is I_Am_Baitman

    My discord is Kythos#4576

    Thank you! :)
  • Hello guys, I still love this game but barely can find anyone else who enjoys it as much as much as I do. Even less people who plays it.

    I would love to play with any of you, my name on Origin is JamesWars, feel free to add me to play Battlefront (2015).

    It would be super cool if the developers and publisher didn't completely abandon this title and kept working on it at least a little bit for its community and fans, there is so much they could still do, I see so much potential in this game even after all this time.

    This is one of the few old games from DICE that barely have people playing, old Battlefield titles still are going just as strong as the newer ones.
  • Hi, would like to play those dlc maps, my origin name is Puntal666
  • I've been trying to play on the DLC maps for a while too.

    Origin name is MaxTheRaven.
  • I've send a request too

  • add me: Kreuzfeuer71
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