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Force powers not working?

Hi, there are times when playing as a hero like Yoda, Luke, Vader or even Iden where the ability to force push or stun doesnt work when it appears the enemy hasnt made any sort of dodge roll. This is very frustrating as its important to be able to connect abilities to stay alive. Not too mention as a saber hero you have to drop your guard to use the abilities and then when they dont work you just get a face full of blaster fire. Please fix your bugs, and appreciate any effort!


  • Yep. This has been a thing for the longest time. At any given moment, the power will simply.. Not happen.

    You're better off sticking with the Blaster heroes. More often than not, they come with the added safety of being able to deal damage from long range.

    Iden's Droid is a bit iffy, as you said though. I've had times when I keep mashing the stun button, yet it doesn't fly off to stun or anything. Considering how clunky that ability is to begin with, they could've just kept the stun duration slightly higher to compensate for it.
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  • agree with above vader choke your wide open, why not be able to use saber for defense... another matter, when using Luke or Obi Wan often using push or repulse same time as other heroes, my move gets cancelled out... anybody know of a way to get response time to speed up with keyboard as seems like a delay.
  • They haven’t worked properly ever since the game launched and dice don’t seem to care
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