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Battle Point Event
Focused Feedback

Battlefront huge improvement! Read!! It is important!!!

Very important suggestions for Battlefront (2015) -but also applicable to battlefront II- from your costumers!:

This game is almost dead.
It is very difficult to find games, and to top it off, the whole system to find a game is infamous.
It's literally a waste of time if you want to find something! That's why the game is dead!

To solve this huge problem, you must:

-Add a chat while people wait for the game to start.
(This is very important because we have to communicate if we want to change the game mode if no more people appear to start matches)

-Add server browser or add a system with player statistics with the number of current players in the game modes before joining a match to know where the people are.

-Lower the amount of players to start games to 4-6-8-10 maximum depending on the game mode. Right now people leave after a minute and moment later someone joins and round and round it goes.

-Mix all the content of the dlcs into the base game to revive dlcs maps again.

-Give the Ultimate Edition for free to Battlefront owners.

-Increase the combat roll cool down to 2 or 3 more seconds, because some players abuse this mechanic and they perform it over and over and it is almost impossible to hit them. It's very frustrating and it looks very unrealistic.

All these changes are crucial because at this moment nobody plays on the DLC maps!

You need a lot of people to start matches (sometimes 12 players or even 20 in some game modes, and you know what? Most people leave quickly because they don't want to wait)

So fix this amazing and dead game with these changes NOW.

Your costumers have not spent their money to not play what they want!


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