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xbox one x - overheating!

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edited October 2018
hello there! *URGENT PROBLEM*

The update sure fixed my connection error but now AS SOON as I start up the game from xbox-home it starts overheating and blowing air like crazy!!

All other games seem to work fine.
This was never before..

It starts overheating already before the main menu is loaded!
And continues in game as well!

Please look into this, I do NOT want to destroy my xbox!

I'm rocking an Xbox one X with 4K OLED TV.

I reinstalled the game 100% and did a hard reset on my xbox, it fixed nothing,there is undeniably something wrong with the game else other games would be doing the same thing!

And the fact that it already starts before the menu is even loaded should be enough to be alarmed!
(No other games have this problem, and SWBF2 used to be fine before update.)

Also nothing else has changed to any soft or hardware on my device. Only the update!

Please look into this!
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