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Sound Bug Fix

Any information when this bug is going to be patched?


  • Once the frost bite team figures it out.
    Not just a battlefront issue.
    Still being worked out.

  • This bug is so annoying! I hope that they will fix it soon :/
  • I didn't start noticing this until the last few weeks or so, but then I never have played as much GA as I did last week either.

    Like others have stated elsewhere, the problem seems to be centered around Galactic Assault for whatever reason. That seems to be the trigger.

    I have tried to fix this though. But every time I think I have it whooped it comes back to prove me wrong. When the problem happens the only remedy seems to be relaunching the game.

    Here's a few things I have tried. It should be noted I'm running Windows 7 x64 with a Scarlett 2i2 usb audio interface that allows me to change audio latency by trying different buffer rates....It also allows me to experiment with really high sample rates like 192Khz. Sometimes with audio glitches I merely have to toggle the sample rate or buffer length to instantly rectify the problem. Not so with Battlefront 2's audio bug.

    So I also tried using just the audio pass thru in the HDMI from the Nvidia GPU to the monitor / headphones. That also didn't seem to work as a solution.

    What I'm currently doing is running a program called Driver Booster 6 that has a game optimization mode that allows you to stop many unneeded processes to free up cpu horsepower. Maybe this is just anecdotal or a placebo like observation, it seems to happen a lot less now. But it still happens nevertheless...

    This problem seems very serious as I've not ever saw the developers even acknowledge it much less suggest a solution.

    I wonder if heroes unleashed last weekend put a strain on something and caused it to happen more during that time? I don't know. But if I'm lucky enough to figure it out I will be sure to post the solution!
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