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Battle Point Event
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Various ideas

Hey there guys so I was wondering is there any chance we can get the clone legions respective generals such as Stass Allie, Aayla Secura, Plo koon, Luminara Unduli and maybe even Quinlan Vos. Also would it be possible to have the races playable for all classes such as in the rebel alliance have a t'wilek Officer or a mirialan assault, t'wilek jet trooper would be awsome in my opinion. And finally not much of a request more of an urge well our emperor palps cannot block neither can maul which is logically and canonically incorrect all saber users are trained in deflection as for palps maybe return his block ability from battlefront 1 or maybe even make a new card for his aura ability and call it defensive aura while active it could deflect incoming fire anyways that's just my thoughts on game improvements for variety hope someone agrees lol have fun fellow battlefronters 😘
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