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Please Make Yoda More Mobile!

Why is Yoda's jump height closer to Bossk's than any other force user's? Why is the most agile jedi of all time the slowest runner in the game? Why is Yoda's swing speed the slowest of any saber user? It doesn't make sense! Rey and Luke can jump atop a skyscraper, why can't Yoda? I personally believe that Yoda should have the biggest jump height, but i'd be fine if it was equal to Rey's! But nooooooooo, Yoda can only jump as high as a glorified Bossk, and is slower than Vader! My proposal is this:

Buff Yoda's jump height to equal with Palpatine

Buff Yoda's running speed to equal with Rey

Buff Yoda's swing speed by letting him swing twice for every little jump he does in his striking animation

Return Yoda's dodge to what it was before Patch 1.2

Remove saber stun locks


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