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Just for Fun: Mace Windu

What abilities, lines, emotes, skins, and victory poses should he have?

I want him to be an absolute powerhouse! I love windu, cause of how powerful he is as a character.

For me, abilitywise i'd say a force push, but one that kinda starts like yoda's, a weak, wide area of effect push, but then as you hold down the button for it, it narrows down into a more focused, powerful push that both knocks enemies back far and deals a lot of damage. Another one could be a dash, kinda like the one he did in the movie where he sliced off jangos head, not very fast or far, but just a powerful lunge attack. Finally something that could maybe be a timed ability, he can have like a hyper sensitive super accurate lunge forward attack tracking, where even mid roll he can slice you up but for maybe like 5 seconds.

Lines wise i hope he has some cool things to say to palpatine from the scene where he was being arrested! What do you guys think


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