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Buggiest Game Ever

And the award goes to .....SWBF2. For wrecking a weekend of Star Wars play. Impossible to play this weekend with the "experiment" that has been forced upon us guinea pigs. What with the myriad of bugs and glitches that we have to suffer as standard in this game - I must declare now - once and for all - that I have never played a game so full of bugs and problems. Played Fortnite, COD and Alien today with no hassles. But SWBF2 ....impossible with being kicked out of every game, the banding (two steps forward, once step back), freezing, reappearing in front of walls, yada yada yada it's demoralizing and actually "sickening" to play with the vertigo caused by the constant hiccuping and rubberbanding. Being thrown out back main menu constantly just to see the "500 Credits Unlocked" flag stream repeatedly down the right of the screen usual... just makes this a heartbreaking game to play just because I like Star Wars. I wish there was something else for XBOX ONE.


  • quenaelin
    893 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    I agree and feel you...

    I play it only because it is Star Wars
  • Please at least fix buggy flashing cockpit views, they are so annoying.
  • Your honour the case for the prosecution rests after this Kenobi bugged up release. Foul. Try him out away from in Arcade... Battle Scenario...Light Side...Resistance... Tier 3... just to see how bad this character release is from the "Quality Assurance Staff" at EA and DICE. Do they actually get paid for this?
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