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Cheat Scripts are increasing in game,

The amount of peeps using cheat scripts, is approaching what SWBF1 was like, now I see some level 4 players who have all of their star cards and weapons maxed out, Wow. . . the amount of open self admitted and advertising for cheat sites is increasing. Well, I guess it is just a game, though I hope the script users can be held accountable for ruining game play for so many peeps.
Thank You . . .
(AK) =^.^=


  • What is a level 4 player?
    I’ve been playing SWBF2 since it’s release date, probably into the thousands of hours play time now! I’ve got heroes, troopers, starships and weapons maxed out.
    I’m on a PS4 pro and have never cheated. I wouldn’t know how to?!
    It’s been pure hard work. So much so that I’ve got issues with my left thumb joint now! 😂😂
  • Kattz
    31 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    Classes, Levels for players, 1-50 Troopers, and Hero levels and such
    So a person with a 4, is having all the cards and weapons maxed out, with in a few days, on the PC version,
    I apologize for not being specific,
    Thank You
    (AK) =^.^=
  • Hello All, Ok I found out about the Spawn point glitch now, that many peeps are using to boost the xp and other points,
    Oh Well, it happens again and again,
    (AK) =^.^=
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