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[PS4] HvV Looking for other team-minded players.

As we all know.....getting paired with a bunch of clowns on HvV is lame lol.

Looking to friend some objective/team oriented players for a fun HvV experience. I play almost every night from midnight-3am central time (us). (except when traveling for work) Waaaay more interested in a team victory than racking up kills. I'm by no means an amazing player, but I am no slouch & a good team player. All saber characters have epic cards & I'm working on leveling up a few blaster heros as well. No mic...i just play intuitively.

Friend request me if interested PSN chachidelgreco


  • I am normally asleep at those times except on monday and sunday. Cane_danko is my username. I main kylo and rey but also really enjoy palpatine, darth maul, and finn. I also plan on getting good with either yoda or chewy.
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