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What are the games you're playing now?



  • I got extremely bored with Destiny 2, even though they just added a bunch of stuff and I have a bunch of friends on Xbox who still play religiously. When they increased the light level to 650, I figured I'd done enough of the same thing over and over and should take a break.
    I've been playing Forza Horizon 4, which is awesome, and a bit of Red Dead Redemption 2. Riding a horse for any distance makes me want to go play something else though.

    I keep coming back to Battlefront 2 because of Starfighter Assault, Extraction, and Ewok Hunt. I want to play some Battlefront 2015* but I'm not sure I want to take the time with Anthem coming up soon.

    * I bought Battlefront 2015 (with all of the DLC) a few weeks before Battlefront 2 came out because it was on sale for under $10.

    I'm really looking forward to Anthem though.
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    Now been playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Halo MCC on Xbox, and Sonic Mania, Cabela's the hunt, Warframe, and many indie and NES games on the switch. Just ordered Pokemon so soon to play that
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  • who's ready for Mortal Kombat 11?! All the gore and blood galore
  • A few key game events since (insert long timeframe here)
    *Rush: A DisneyPixar Adventure, but the end of level achievements are a problem.
    *Disneyland Adventures is fun.
    * I tried to use an Isabelle Amiibo to unlock her in SSBU, but there was already saved data on it, here's a reasonable reaction to that (not actual reaction)...
    Curse you Perry the Platypus!
    * Getting "Look Ma, No Spats" in Ducktales Remastered is not fun, and I gave up on it.
    * I got a PS3 for Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens and Lego Avengers, so I could have a more complete version than the Xbox One counterparts.
    * I beat the first world in Super Lucky's Tale.
    * I finally played Angry Birds 2 regularly again, but I might miss today because of this long post.
    * I'm one chapter off from beating the story mode to Lego City Undercover (Xbox One).
    * I went on the Xbox 360 to check something, beat an elimination race in Split/Second during my quest for an Achievement, did some clean up in Brave, and forgot to check what I wanted to in the first place.
    * The road to Count Dooku (and 100,000 credits to spend on skins and emotes) is making great pase.
    * This is what happens when I make up for several days worth of updates in one post.
    * It is no longer yesterday, so I missed a day for Angry Birds 2.
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  • Also I played Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door yesterday. Here's the key events so far.
    • Mario gets roped into everything, but he doesn't seem to mind.
    • I challenged Gus for the tattle log, I started the fight by jumping on him, after tattleing Goombella told me it's pretty obvious I shouldn't have done that, I drop to 5 HP and Gus told me to run, I decided it was for the best.
    • I paid Gus to pass through, but after seeing that it was for every time I wanted to pass, I challenged him again after the professor gave me a badge. I then gave him a sound thrashing.
    • I went into Hooktail castle, and since I was low on health I was whooped by the Red Bones gang, but I came back with a vengance.
    • I fought Hooktail with both Attack FX Badges, not the best idea, but after eating a mushroom and seeing his health was low I figured it was a war of attrition before I'd win, but then after beating him without falling for his tricks, he ate the audience, and the battle raged on. I won, but Koops was dwindled down to 1 HP.
    • I like Peach's snark towards the computer, and that she called Grodus "that domed thing that interrogated me."
    • Bowser called one of his minions tubby.
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  • Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Kingdom Hearts 3.
    Old video games: Ocarina of Time
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  • Some more notes from awhile back to now.
    • I have enough Power Moons to take on Darker Side in Super Mario Odyssey, but I'm waiting till I'm done with the sphinx and obtain a Peach Amiibo (although I confused her functionality with that of a Mario Amiibo).
    • I made more Progress in Disneyland Adventures.
    • I think I beat all levels in The Force Awakens and all Story missions in Lego Avengers before I made my post.
    Also I beat Chapter 4 in Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door, so here's some key events.
    • I still only have one game over, though I did lose all my health to red chomps in the glitz pit since my partner was poisoned, but since it's the glitz pit the worst that happened was being dropped off in the Major League room, so I got to take a rest and try again.
    • I needed to consult the Mario Wiki for a Shine in the Puni Tree and in front of the Glitz Pit, that was out of my reach... The answer was obvious.
    • I got ready to RAWK!
    • I defeated Rawk Hawk with all my partners.
    • Either I beat him or the next boss after Flurrie was electrocuted by a stage light, and when the boss was at one health, I let them attack and get shocked.
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  • I didn't mean to post the last one.
    (continued from above)
    • Twilight Town is sad.
    • I get my body stolen by Doo_liss.
    • I realize just how easy it is to get mauled while on your own.
    • I can't beat Doo_liss because I don't know his name, but every time he attacks I blocked them without taking damage.
    • Since I can't spell his name I have fun at his expense (the second thing I called him was Dorkus).
    • I befriend Viviane.
    • I meet a few Amazee Daizees at the point where I can't tattle them, because of course I do.
    • I learn that Quake Hammer decimates Hyper Clefts, after I meet Viviane. Information I could have used earlier.
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  • And one more
    (continued again)
    • I beat Dorkus.
    • TEC reveals important information in the form of a quiz.
    • Prior to that Peach wears an X-Naut costume to spy.
    • "Gack ack ack ack ack ack ack!" - Sir Grodus's evil laugh.
    • Bowser is hilarious and is also known as "Mister Giant Bad-Breath Monster."
    • I finally tattle an Amazee Daizee.
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  • What games does @F8RGE play? I wonder if he has time for video games while being so busy with Battlefront 2.
  • I'm rank 90 in Red dead atm and with nothing else to do besides kill people I took a break and have been sporadically playing Battlefront, some Skyrim Spec. edition, and even some dark souls III.

    Tried out the anthem Demo, saw that it was dead on arrival, and wen't ahead and bought the year 3 pass on For Honor, kinda regretting it now. I might just go back to swtor and see whats going on there.

    Long Story short; theres 100s of games out there and nothing good to play, every game I stumble upon is either a fad or just lacks that wow factor.
  • I beat chapter 7 in The Thousand Year Door, so here’s the rundown that I remember
    • Twilight Town: I forgot to mention that when the cursed box said “helpful abilities” I was telling the screen “you know it, I know it, everybody knows it!”
    • Keelhaul Key: It was rough, in the cave at least, I forgot some things but I had some trouble. Like figuring out the puzzle to open the cave... I forgot to activate it and wondered why it wouldn’t open, I keep using Bombery and Viviane on the Bulky Bob-omb... in the words of Megatron “Oh, so unwise.” Then I got to the second spike room, and kept getting hit. I kept using Viviane, and only during the return trip do I realize I could have used Mario’s “curses” to get by both of them. So, I’m going along, low health, with only two Coconuts for sustenances (I heard they weren’t tasty, but they were as good as a mushroom. That reminds me, in exchange for Chukola Cola, I had to give Flavio something delicious... So I figured I’d be nice and give him a Cake, but he doesn’t want it... but he did want a coconut... needless to say I was out a cake... and a coconut, which he complained about {at the time I didn’t know where to find a Keel Mango})... This is getting long, so I had to rescue a bunch of people, I kept falling into the blimey depths, then I fought the Pirate King Quartez, and got a game over, and after I beat him... turns out he didn’t care about what I wanted anyway, and just gave it to me. Then we were betrayed by one of the crew, but I won’t spoil who he was (I type with a big grin).
    • Another Twilight Town Addeum: Right before entering the Creepy Steeple, I used my Ultra Shroom that I planned on saving, just in case I needed the health... and the next room was a Heart Block that I needed anyway for my flower points (this happens a lot).
    • Excess Express (The train is late!): It’s a tale of ghosts (piano sting), mysteries (louder piano sting), imposters (even louder piano sting),... and a Penguin that thinks I’m Luigi.
    • Fahr Outpost: first I fight my way through tough enemies, then I have to go back to find General White... by running through almost every story area trying to find him, always missing him (I thought I had to ask the Glitz Pit manager if she saw him, but accidentally promised that “The Great Gonzales” would return... so that’s the first step of the post game), and then I had to go back to where a started. The second guy was easier to find, he was in Poshley Heights, I wanted to sell some items, but they don’t have a store in the rich neighborhood, apparently. After one more trek I was blasted to the X-Naut hideout:
      secret staging grounds on the moon, there I faced the various baddies that lurk inside and amongst it’s outskirts, inside I faced a red X-monster... and got a game over because it stun locked me, and later my partner due to it getting a first strike... I was furious. So I made it back, reactivated a teleporter with a different partner (Goombella) to get different dialog, and skipped it in anger. After some time I re-equippted Chill Out (I had it in Twilight Town, but un-equipped it thinking that enemy first strikes were part of the RPG charm), and whopped that creature something fierce (I even said “you come from nothing, and you return to nothing!” In a failed attempt at quoting Kylo Ren) then I answered Robo-Thwomp’s Quiz, forgot to use Viviane to go past a blocked off conveyer belt for a bit, and beat Magus Von Grapple Mach 2, but then in order to help me escape, TEC, the computer, sacrificed himself to reactivate everything in the X-Naut base, including the teleporter.
    • Peach Segments: I only remember having to make an invisibility potion, which is horrible, and I needed someone to time me, just to move on, and then the one where she’s taken away (although, maybe that’s all there was to it, and I can’t remember another one because that’s it).
    • Bowser Segments: Bowser’s army vs Lord Chump! Bowser vs Rawk Hawk! Bowser vs.... High Society?
    • Rogue Port:
      The Don lies ill, and the only way to save him is to reunite him with his daughter, but in order to do that you have to find her ring, then once reunited the Don retires, and his dauter’s boyfriend is now the new Don. All current partners are at max rank, I heard what is seemingly Luigi’s last tale of heroism, as his quest allegedly drew to a close while I was on the moon. I heard all the legends of Rogueport so far. I got the last Rogueport email, and it made me feel sad that there’s only one chapter left (even though there’s still the post game). Also, the legend mentions that the cursed chests were originally the original heroes that banished “The Demon,” which made me feel bad for them that their souls were seemingly corrupted, but then reading Mario Wiki, it reminded me that the Koopa/Keelhaul Key one is a nice guy, and the “evil demon” curse thing is just rehearsed.
    • Notes I forgotton earlier in this post/misc.: I forgot to mention that Quartez likes using Spanish words sometimes, and that he’s a very bueno amigo when you get to know him. As for the misc., I checked my Wii calandras today just to see if it’s date was off like the clock, but it said 9 27 [citation needed] 2008(!), which doesn’t make any sense. I hope that’s a default time when checking, and replacing the watch battery didn’t mess up my time, since I like being accurate, and that definitely throws off the Happy Lucky Lottery.
    Also, Game Pass games won’t count toward my Microsoft Rewards challenge anymore, is it because I purchased them, or is it really nasty lag?
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  • I got the PSOne Classics versions of Star Wars:Dark Forces and Toy Story Racers (played in reverse order).
    For the latter, I had to learn that unlike other games, holding the Analog stick in one direction causes you to spin in a circle like a loon. It took a bit of getting used to (and unfavorable comparisons to Mario Kart), but I mastered it by figuring out that “it’s all about little adjustments” (I thought I was quoting Transformers, turns out it was Phineas and Ferb).
    For the former, I had to use the D-Pad, and couldn’t figure out how to look up and down. It made me think the modern standard features in games that I take for granted (like analog, looking up {but that’s on me}, and turning being able to move left and right without having to go forward and turn at the same time). I do have a question though, how do you know when you’ve unlocked all the secrets? I ask because not only does level one not say 100%, it doesn’t have any indication of it whatsoever (then again I played on easy, and I heard you can’t get all secrets on anything less than hard, which may have everything to do with that).
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