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What are the games you're playing now?



  • Batman20
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    Just finished the last of us for a third time recently and now im going to replay all the uncharted games 1-5. After that replay spiderman and then play wolfenstein 2 for the first time. As you can see I love to replay games I enjoy
  • I’ve played a few, in order they are
    Lego Dimensions
    • I played the Doctor Who Level Pack, The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, then I did some things in the Lego Batman and Scooby-Doo Adventure Worlds.
    • The game crashed and glitched a few times, one time was when I had to get 30 pairs of glasses for Velma, I got 19... and then the game froze.
    • The Phantom Zone is weird.
    • I don’t like that the starter pack Batman becomes Lego Batman movie Batman (Holy multi-Batman sentence, Batman!) in the Lego Batman Movie World, ditto for Teen Titans Go! Robin, TTG! Cyborg, and the rest of the A-Team not getting their own figures, since it kinda defeats the fun of a crossover if you can’t have Batman visit another Batman’s home universe, and for the others, it feels odd having them relegated to “extras” since in B.A.’s case you can’t have the full A-team unless you had 4 of the same figure.
    What else, Breath of the Wild (of course!)
    • I was on my way to Impa when I got sidetracked by trying to activate a tower.
    • I rode my horse to either a platform or an enemy base, or both (I think both, but I remember dismounting my horse by a platform, but I had trouble at a base, but I could be misremembering the former) to clear it out.
    • In the base was a Silver Bokobolin, they are becoming more common and I don’t like it because I died to it, maybe twice, maybe more.
    • Then I saw a Silver Bokobolin on horseback, I tried to evade him but he killed my horse, Mystery (I believe I told this story, but if not then my other ideas were Grace, or Debbie... and Debbie was my first choice), so I used stasis+ and sent him into the ocean.
    • I was on my way through a bridge when I found another Blue Hinox, and I decided not to take a new picture, and I beat him.
    • I went to the Colosseum and defeated the enemies, but my reward was nothing except for their gear.
    • When I got sidetracked, I tried the shrine quest where you had to shoot an arrow through two rings.
    • I got sidetracked because I was close to the bird Divine Beast.
    • I went to a tower in an extremely icy region... needless to say I was desperate to get out of there, and I wanted the costume in the Rito Village.
    • Black Lizalfos with a royal weapon are horrible.
    • my Shrine Radar was going crazy, but I didn’t know where it was, and I wanted to mark the area with the Rito Village on my map so I continued to the tower.
    • At an earlier point I met some leviathan experts who wanted a picture of the ancient skulls... and I was near one of them without taking their picture awhile ago (I didn’t mind, just making a point of it).
    • Back to the present I was on my way to the tower but in the distance I saw a Great Fairy Fountain, so I made my way to it, I got a bit lost and saw a Flying Guardian... needless to say I avoided it since I had no ancient arrows.
    • I gave her 1000 rupees... sadly she didn’t offer lamp oil, rope, or bombs.
    • After going to the tower I made my way to a shrine I saw... it was a Major Test of Strength (well, one of the shrines anyway)... Shout out to Stasis+ for making it an easy fight.
    • I went to the village and the painter said that I needed to go to a shrine in the ruins... the one I just mentioned earlier (don’t you hate it when that happens).
    • One guy wanted me to make an offering to the Great Fairy... which I already did, so I didn’t have to and I got 500 rupees out of it (don’t you love it when that happens).
    • I made it to Rito Village.
    • At some earlier point in the icy region I went into a shrine and when I left I wanted to take a picture of an icy fox... but it ran off.
    • Back in the now Link remembered this egotistical guy, I forgot his name but he reminds me of Falco.
    • I did some target practice.
    • I boarded Vah Medoh and actually let the maw spit out it’s cursed skulls... then I couldn’t find the eye.
    • I checked a guide as usual, but tried to defeat it on my own at first.
    • I took a picture of Windblight Ganon mid teleport.
    • Shout out to Windblight Ganon for being the one that I not only didn’t die to, but also didn’t take the most damage to (20-30 bomb arrows will take him out in no time, and I missed some shots, also I missed a few shots, you just have to use the turbines if he’s to high up)
    • I tried to run up to him when he was stunned to finish the job but I wasn’t quick enough... so I just shot hm in the face with bomb arrows.
    • I got a Great Eagleshot Bow
    • I then warped to the ruins to get another memory.
    • I warped to Impa thinking that you get a reward for each recovered memory or after beating each Divine Beast, but I guess I was wrong (hopefully, because if not then that means I didn’t get an item because my inventory was full, and dropping gear and talking to her again didn’t fix anything)
    Then I played Star Fox 64 3D
    • I tried to get a gold medal in Corneria Score Attack, but that didn’t work.
    • I believe the next route I did was Corneria, Sector Y, Katina (had to look it up), Sector X, Macbeth, Bolse, and Venom 1.
    • In Sector Y you fight Gundam Monkey Robots.
    • Katina is like Independence Day, and I was so focused on getting the medal that I didn’t save the base... and I didn’t get the medal either.
    • I got the medal in Sector X.
    • I hate Macbeth, the boss is so annoying, and I couldn’t activate the gate switches.
    • In Venom 1, I had an easier time fighting the Golem
      but the fake Andross seemed harder than the last time, I wonder if it might be because I took a harder route
    • I tried to get the gold Score Attack medal in Bolse, but the best I could get was two points off... then my 3DS died, but when it came back I got it!

    Never forget
  • Any here ever played subnautica? I’ve heard great things about it and thought about getting it
  • The painter is in a stable, not the village, same with the great fairy guy.
    Me and two of my cousins played Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle, and we died to bull guys at the end of the second phase. Then we tried to defeat to bird monsters in our regular forms, but since we couldn’t do an upward kick I thought it was almost impossible (we somehow beat one of them but the other kept blocking)... and then I used rush attacks and that beat him.
    After fighting our way through we got to the boss, and it looked like a rematch with the first boss... but then Lord Zedd decided to take matters into his own hands. We died to him a few times, but then we were victorious!... and then he creamed the Rangers and Zordon had to heal them in a cutscene.

    Never forget
  • I got some more Power Moons from the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, and the Koopa Freerunning master cup is bad as usual. It looked like you had to dive jump into Cappy... but when you do he decides to return to you, then someone in a YouTube comment mentioned going past the Goombas and tank, climb the pipe, grab a few flowers, run up the ramp, and drop down when you’re near the finish line. Using this method I was able to beat the golden fool right before he crossed the finish line.

    Never forget
  • Apex Legends.
    Not sure why is so addictive :neutral:

    Can some one explain why Apex Legends is a good game? It gets boring after a few games. They made the characters diverse but they stereotyped every single race.
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  • Borderlands: Handsome Collection
    Black Ops 4
    Black Ops 3
    Dragon's Dogma
    NFS: Rivals
    Fallout 4: GOTY
    Battlefront [email protected]
    For Honor

    I also keep my PS3 so I can go back and play FO3, FO New Vegas, and Oblivion
    "By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! It's the Grand Champion! I can't believe it's you! Standing here! Next to me!"
  • Got Mortal Kombat 11 yesterday, very brutal & lots of fun!
  • Dionysos_B wrote: »
    Got Mortal Kombat 11 yesterday, very brutal & lots of fun!

    It's so fun. I've got Scorpion and Noob combos down.
  • Iceninja wrote: »
    Apex Legends.
    Not sure why is so addictive :neutral:

    Can some one explain why Apex Legends is a good game? It gets boring after a few games. They made the characters diverse but they stereotyped every single race.

    I can only play 4-5 games before I lose interest. Then I get it back it back after a few days of not playing. Level 40, main Lifeline with about 7 wins and 2 season 1 wins.
  • bfloo
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    Iceninja wrote: »
    Apex Legends.
    Not sure why is so addictive :neutral:

    Can some one explain why Apex Legends is a good game? It gets boring after a few games. They made the characters diverse but they stereotyped every single race.

    The mechanics are great.

    I'm not a fan of BR personally and uninstalled, but if you like that sort of thing....
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  • Iceninja wrote: »
    Apex Legends.
    Not sure why is so addictive :neutral:

    Can some one explain why Apex Legends is a good game? It gets boring after a few games. They made the characters diverse but they stereotyped every single race.

    I don't know exactly, it does get somehow repetitive, but is just satisfying getting the kills for some reason :smile:
    Also, many games when I get killed I always know exactly what I did wrong, and think I can do better next time, and try again.

    I'm playing lot less than at the beginning, I have wins (just 1-3) with each character except Caustic, and want to main sniper rifles now.
  • I played some more Breath of the Wild over the past few days (shocking, I know)
    (Events not in chronological order) I completed “Wife Washed Away” and found the four friends of that guy who, they were held hostage by Blue Bokobolins before that I stood in fire for the Goron brothers, and wasted a six minute fireproof potion when my three minute one would have sufficed. I got two dragon scales, and I decided to slay “The Giant of Railis Pond, but got sidetracked by a shrine, I then made it to a stable, found a new horse, and did that horrible horse race... which you have to beat twice no matter what.
    After that, I made it to the tower in the jungle, and tried to swim up a waterfall looking for a shrine.
    Spoiler alert, it was behind the water fall
    and tried to beat the Korok race to the top... but before that it was raining, I was stuck in the water, and the thunder dragon kept zapping me, thankfully I had Mipha’s Grace. I then continued my journey, and found my first star fragment, then I met the horned statue who gladly “demonstrated” his powers, and I did some things in Hateo Village, like dye Link’s outfit pink, and started the quest where a girl wants 100 Restless Crickets, but thankfully I only need ten, also a boy wants to see a traveler’s sword (guess what I don’t have).
    Addendum: I also looked back on hero’s path after beating Vah Medoh and felt sad and nostalgic. Also, during my last play session I defeated a Stal Hinox, and before that I saved a Gerudo and was rewarded a “blessing” shrine... almost as if the spirit knew the hero would save someone to access it... I wonder if there’s an in-game reason for it...

    Never forget
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time are frustrating and unbelievably unfair. I don't have enough consumables.
  • I went back to Breath of the Wild, here’s what I remembered.
    • I got the Traveler’s Sword, and brought it to the boy.
    • I tried the deer hunting mini-game, and wasted a bunch of arrows, rupees, and hours on that, and with no success, does anyone know if the great eagle or Lynel bows with bomb arrows will decimate the challenge.
    • I cleared the beach of monsters.
    • I went into death mountain, on the way I ran into a Igneous Stone Talus, on a small platform... needless to say after he flung me into the water, I decided to get out of dodge. my last heat resistance potion wore off in a shrine near the Goron Village, so I had to run in the scorching heat to save myself (I then bought the full set of heat-proof armor in a shop, and a potion from the boy)
    • I made my way to a distant shrine near the sealed vault, after trying and failing to use the rails to come back I decided to climb and returned to the vault, which I opened earlier with a cannon (I couldn’t find the last cannon for awhile, but the vent that I opened was the one I used to get to the shrine.)
    Next stop, the last Divine Beast!

    Never forget
  • Coming back to this.... Wwz, and every star wars game on Xbox one x. But not the Lego ones cause I don't know what to do and not Jedi starfighter cause it's not good at all LMAO!
  • I just played the first level in Hyrule Warriors, and I missed the giant bosses tutorial, the one that you could never obtain again, but the wiki said that this was patched after update 1.6.1, so I replayed the first mission again and let King Dodongo get to the gate he needed to go to, hoping it would work... guess which tutorial didn’t show up. Do I have to beat a new mission, or was the wiki misinformed?
    Also I Wizzro put up a good fight, and didn’t even stick around after getting knocked down to half health.

    Never forget
  • Unwarycoin
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    Unwarycoin wrote: »
    I just played the first level in Hyrule Warriors, and I missed the giant bosses tutorial, the one that you could never obtain again, but the wiki said that this was patched after update 1.6.1, so I replayed the first mission again and let King Dodongo get to the gate he needed to go to, hoping it would work... guess which tutorial didn’t show up. Do I have to beat a new mission, or was the wiki misinformed?
    Also I Wizzro put up a good fight, and didn’t even stick around after getting knocked down to half health.
    Correction, it didn’t say it was patched, it just wasn’t updated in awhile and no one updated it since then. Also, the I should be the or gone (as in removed).

    So I played BOTW and A Link Between Worlds (the latter between the former)
    In Breath of the Wild
    • I defeated the fourth Divine Beast!
    • I defeated the Igneo Talus (thankfully it wasn’t the one on the platform, and it was an easy fight)
    • I warped to the shrine near Goron Town and Zelda told Link about the Champion’s Ballad. (And since this is the second time she called my name twice, I responded with “what, I’m right here. Stop calling my name!)
    • I tried to find the Leviathan but instead found a shrine quest where I had to climb a mountain and collect rupees (it wasn’t as bad as I though it would be).
    • The Goron guarding it hyped it up as some difficult test of strength and skill, but it was just a blessing shrine. (Not complaining mind you, just observing).
    • At some point (I think right before my quest for the Talus) I spawned my Amiibo on a slant into a lava lake, and after losing the boxes and treasure chest from a Guardian Amiibo to the lake, I went back to Gerudo Town to spawn the rest.
    • Back in the now I went to Robbie’s Ancient Tech Lab, and went to my second Labyrinth.
    • After beating it I tried to leave but was ambushed my a Guardian Stalker, whom I beaten with Stasis+
    • I then warped back and forth from the lab and village to sell stuff and buy ancient equipment.
    • Then I warped to Kakariko Village, went to the Great Fairy, and bought some goat butter.
    • I then set off towards my next quest, “What’s for Dinner?”
    • But I forgot to talk to Impa so I went and talked to her, got a stamina vessel, and talked to the Great Fairy again. (This was the next day.)
    • Then I set off on my quest for real this time.
    • After completing that, I tried to find the golden triangle, but couldn’t (also I didn’t have a Korok Leaf, and paddles don’t help).
    • I tried the treasure chest mini-game again and succeed after two consecutive attempts (meaning I broke even).
    • I then set out to complete “Rushroom Rush”.
    • I accidentally went into the Great Plateau when I saw a skull base, which after I cleared was one of the first ones in the game (I remembered getting creamed my first time, but now completed it like it was nothing. Also, in case anyone was wondering if skull chests respawn {I was wondering since I found chests I could have sworn I opened, but wasn’t sure if I misremembered} they do not).
    • At some earlier point (I think after starting rushroom rush) I went to a Korok pinwheel to the right of the bridge in a Lake Hylia, and wasted most of my arrows, then I went into the water to collect my arrows and the dragon kept zapping me, and at less than one heart I ran out of stamina (Mipha’s Grace is invaluable.)
    • I decided to go to the Shrine of Resurrection to start a The Champion’s Ballad, but struggled a bit to find the entrance. This sidequest is different, so I will put it in spoiler tags.
    • The mission starts after putting the Sheikah Slate back in the terminal, you are then instructed to pull out a weapon, “the One-Hit Obliterator” if it’s active you can kill everything in one hit, and collect its loot, but you die in one hit yourself. You are then instructed to kill every enemy in four locations.
    • The first spot I went to was in the icy regions, and I killed most the enemies by hanging back and throwing bombs off the side of a cliff.
    • After killing each enemy cluster a shrine appears, the first one was a dark room where you have to maneuver around lasers, spinning spike walls (which can be avoided by hugging the wall) and I saw a Guardian Scout I in silhouette, but died because after killing it I was ambushed by two more, (thankfully the game does save so in the enemy clearing phase, before activating a shrine you can save after killing every enemy), I then made it to the end, went back looking for a chest, and went back.
    • The second section I went to had a few enemies on horseback, and I was able to beat them, if any got close I would use Stasis+ and finish them, and again used the strategy of using bombs. This shrine is A Major Test of Strengh+ and after hitting the enemies with Stasis+ and hitting them they were still alive, and I had to do it again (so much for one hit kill). I got by this area (especially the last room) with ancient arrows. This Shrine is effectively a gauntlet.
    • The third area was by all the inactive Guardians, the enemies are Lizalfos and one Decayed Guardian, and I kept getting slaughtered and detected (this is where I learned of the earlier mentioned save trick, thanks to an auto-save). The shrine wasn’t much better. Stop to Start is a gauntlet of spikes, moving platforms, and bottomless pits. Beating it was actually very satisfying.
    • The final section was in the woods and I couldn’t find the last enemy, only to discover him up a tree.This shrine requires you to go down an area launching spheres at you, and pick up a big sphere, small sphere, and treasure chest from a weird launching mechanism next to you by scooping them up in a metal bowl before they’re launched into the abyss, or you’ll have to wait for them to come back. I thought navigating back up with the bowl would be difficult without dying, but it wasn’t.
    • And with that done I was congratulated, but was told that my journey has just begone, as the all-powerful fork split into for fragments and scattered to the regions of the four Divine Beasts, but that’s okay since I don’t have to worry about dying, and can complete them at my earliest convenience.
    • Addendum: when I went to the area to complete “What’s for Dinner?” I got the Dark Link set from the Fang and Bone.
    A Link Between Worlds (Not in chronological order, maybe)
    • I ran about Hyrule, trying to get to my last temple. I even went to lost woods, but it wouldn’t let me go any further.
    • I find the way to a place where I need to return some creatures to their mother, but I couldn’t get the first one off the wall, and I tried bombs, arrows, and pulling them off.
    • I found another one with a similar problem, but I figured it out. First wallmerge, then get behind them, finally emerge from the wall.
    • Coocoo mini-game: still horrible.
    • I found a Zora Grunt that couldn’t make it to his Domain, he said I needed a special power to get there without swimming (I was told something similar by a fortune teller either before or after), but I couldn’t find out what to do.
    • At some point I fought my first Shadow Link!
    • I finally found out what power I needed... it was wallmerge (sensing a pattern yet? Thankfully it hasn’t repeated yet)
    • Shady Guy (seriously, that’s his name) stole Queen Oren’s gem, and without it she’ll just keep bloating.
    • I got it from a salesman in Kakariko Village (also at some point I brought a bee and Golden Bee to Bee Guy).
    • I returned it to Queen Oren and she went back to normal, also I got flippers, so now I can swim and I could go to the temple.
    • The boss was annoying, but I beat it without dying.
    • I can now buy stuff from Ravio! Also, I now own almost all his items (unfortunately they lose his signature hat once their yours).

    Never forget
  • Unwarycoin
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    It was stop saying, not stop calling.
    I played some BOTW and I traveled to Gerudo Valley, but first I passed by the Blue Hinox on the bridge, and after beating him I went to the wall to climb up “the blood moon rises once again” so I decided to fight him again. After I made it to the pillar
    I had to kill a Molduking, race through rings, and return to the Yiga Clan hideout, to drop an orb into the pit Master Kohga fell into (I jumped in at first, wondering if I had to go there myself... it didn’t work) and I had to fight through the last Yiga Clan hideout room again, it seemed like you had to go the long way around to get to the storage room, but I was able to climb my way to my opening. Then I faced the memory of Thunderjerk Ganon, and I died the first time because I kept trying to block him when he electrocuted himself
    I also completed the sand seal race. Later, I went to the Dueling Peaks stable, and finally found Misko’s secret hideout... which is obvious in hindsight.

    Finally in Hyrule Warriors, I started anew and got everything in the first two levels.

    Never forget
  • quenaelin
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    I just bought Dragons Dogma for Switch and created new character and started playing. Looks like fun game.
  • Unwarycoin
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    I forgot to mention that apparatus shrines are annoying in handheld mode, and I warped to Kakariko Village.
    Yesterday I played Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, and the three “Arcade Game Series” Games that were included, also remember when I said Battlefront 2 was crashing? Well I was wrong, it shut off during this game as well, it was too close to my cable box.
    Also, I played BOTW (shocking) and made my way to the pillar near Zora’s Domain
    first, I followed the sun to a ring, but at first I didn’t know what to do, and I accidentally found a shrine (well I followed the radar, but I misinterpreted what I needed to do,which is why I was in the area in the first place), the kicker... I saw the ring, but I thought nothing of it at first. Then I swam up a waterfall to race through rings, and finally I killed some out of place Guardians, thanks to Robbie’s ancient shield, and finally my challenge awaited... a rematch with Waterblight Ganon. This fight gave me more problems than the last, but here’s a trick to making the fight easier. First, make sure Urbosa’s Fury (+) is fully charged during the second phase, then stand under him and charge it up, finally stab him as he falls from the sky. Mipha’s Grace is also instrumental.
    After that, I went to talk to the King and Sidon (and read Mipha’s Diary, as Link tends to do.)

    Never forget
  • Unwarycoin
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    To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Transformers franchise, I played Devastation over a few days, I wasn’t as in to it as I normally would be, but I played as Grimlock and when he grabs an item he sometimes asks the real important questions
    Not “What happened to Nova Prime?”, “Will he return?”, or “Is Unicron coming to destroy us all!?”, no the important question is
    “Is this food?”
    He also tells us that Starscream tastes rusty, which is surely invaluable information to have.

    Today I beat the third level in Hyrule Warriors, and it took me three extra attempts to find Sheik’s heart container. Also I attacked some Cuccoes.

    Never forget
  • Maliainu
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    edited May 11
    • Far Cry 5
    • Spider-Man
    • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • CoD: Black Ops III Zombies
    • Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!!

    I still play BF2 though.
  • RDR2... I'll give it until June update and might reinstall and try BF2 again.
  • msputdh0pmmj.jpg
    I play DC Universe Online, Spider-Man PS4, Just Cause 4, Injustice 2, and Watch Dogs 2.
  • KlownShueS
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    All Halo
    All Gears
    All battlefronts
    L4d1+2, vermintide 2, earthfall, WWZ.

    That's it right now. Oh a little star trek online(very little).
  • I have been playing Sea of Thieves, Injustice 2, Spyro Reignited, and BF2. I am really into I2 right now. I play Spyro to calm down and go brain-dead after work. It is very relaxing.
    Give me an Old Luke skin, and we will be best friends. He is the only one I plan on buying with real $. :-)
    Poe/Hux Concept Ideas:
  • KlownShueS
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    Oh yeah, and I'm restarting all the saints row games and agents of mayhem.

    So really other than battlefront games it's the "big 3" Halo, Gears, and Saints".
  • Honestly I havent been playing too much the last few weeks. I got ON Extraction but there needs to he more maps. I switches over to MK11 and I play Kasual matches.
  • Unwarycoin
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    I completed the Champion’s Ballad quests for Death Mountain in Breath of the Wild.
    First, I found the lone ring in the lava, and then navigated a path of fire in a shrine, then I had to glide through rings from the top of Death Mountain, unlocking a shrine with moving blocks that you have to hang on to avoid “certain death death death!”, and finally I defeated the Stone Talus Titan, which at first did some damage, but after figuring out it’s pattern it was easy, the shrine required launching orbs at moving targets, by using a cannon, the second one being controlled by an apparatus.
    After beating that, I used a hearty dish and ate a dish that gave me full defense for 30 minutes... Shout-out to the illusionary Fireblight Ganon for being the first boss I take no damage to! Also, you can refight the Blights if you want to, I learned that the hard way by accidentally triggering the cutscene again, thankfully I was able to decline.
    Then I made my way to a stable with “Super Rumor Mill Vol. 1”, but first I went to the last tower in the game, and completed the map. When I made my way to the tower, I saw a Fire Wizzrobe, hoping I could claim his wand, I shot him with an ice arrow... but his wand fell in a tar pit.
    When I went to the stable, I entered a shrine, and it required using stasis on an orb and hitting it so it flew into a power switch, the second switch was horrible, because I lost two hammers and my Stonecrusher blades.
    After that, I found a weird area by Hyrule Castle with Wizzrobes, none of the ones I encountered had a fire rod though, and another “A Modest Test of Strengh” shrine, after beating that I found a Korok block puzzle, I got confused and wondered why nothing was working, or why the example one was missing a block you couldn’t remove... here’s a hint, it’s because that’s the one you had to fill in.
    Then, I decided to make my way to Rito Village... where I will challenge the last pillar
    and defeat who I could only guess is the illusionary Windblight Ganon

    Never forget
  • I play Overwatch, Battlefront 2, Sea of Thieves, NHL 19, FIFA 19, The Escapists 2, and a bunch of other stuff
  • Unwarycoin
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    Alright, I once again played BOTW, here’s what happened.
    First I spawned amiibo on the slanted area near Hyrule Castle... and the chest from the Guardian amiibo went so far away that it despawned... and when I went back from chasing after it the metal boxes despawned as well. I eventually made my way to the shrine that requires a blood moon... guess what broke its pattern of showing up at the start of every section (kinda fortunate, since night fell near Hyrule Castle), I then made my way to a Silver Lynel, and one hit took away all my health (again, Mipha’s Grace comes in handy) and I then used a defense buff and beat him. I eventually made my way to a stable (either before or after I found a Rare Stone Talus)... and guess what
    “The blood moon rises once again,” right when I didn’t need it (andI almost forgot to mention this)
    I eventually made my way to the final tower, first I shot at the fire dragon’s horn, then I found the obligatory “race through rings” challenge, and found some shrines. The one near the start of the rings was “A Major Test of Strength,” but this time there’s no pillars “Pillars are a finite resource!” but it’s partly flooded, so I could make my own with Cryosis. In order to get through the rings I had to shred some gnar, and you can’t turn well... and stal enemies spawn in front of me, thankfully I was successful in spite of this. This shrine was annoying at the end with the spike ball. Finally I shot at targets, and that was annoying, and it wasted a Fairy... the shrine wasn’t much better, since I had to get into a gate blocked my a wind switch. Finally I fought the illusionary Windblight Ganon, and he was only slightly more successful than Fireblight Ganon (it’s really generous with arrows)... the final challenge now awaits at the Shrine of Resurrection.
    Then I went to a mother who wanted to find her daughter, and when I did she wanted me to find her four sisters so they could rehearse... after making a salmon dish for one of them with the help of the other three. After united Webby, the three duck brothers, and I guess Lena the five sisters, I had to match their song with a Korok leaf and some rocks that sing in the wind... but only after wasting more arrows “there are a finite number of arrows in your pocket” and revealed a shrine, headed by a monk (question of the day: “What’s a monk?”, now that I think about it, I’m curious and I’m gonna look it up.) and then there’s a ridiculous shrine with wind and lava. Now that that’s done, I’ve set a course for where it all began...
    P.S. I have only watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2, and parts of Avengers, but I did complete the story for all the Marvel Lego games.

    Never forget
  • Unwarycoin
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    As I made my way back to the Shrine of Resurrection, I was rushing to the area (which I wanted to compare to a hidden Mickey) that contained the “Under A Red Moon” quest, but couldn’t beat nightfall. Thankfully, it wasn’t a blood moon, and when I made it to the pedestal and slept under a campfire I set up “the blood moon rises once again,” which I decided to let spawn before entering the shrine.
    I continued my journey, found a fire rod, ran into Kass near one of the DLC shrines (I was trying to find him, thinking it would lead to a quest, but I figured it was just the Champion’s Ballad), and finally reentered the Shrine of Resurrection, the final trial awaits...
    The first step is similar to a Divine Beast, which I completed with two guides, and good old fashioned treasure hunting. After activating the four terminals, I was greeted by Monk Maz Koshi, and he offered one last trial... I had to beat him.
    Maz has a variety of abilities, such as duplication, Yiga Clan techniques, Thunderblight dashing, Guardian lasers, and at half health he becomes the size of a Hinox... also he has a lot of health. I did not need Mipha’s Grace, but by the end I just kept slashing at his leg with an axe, while tanking all the hits because my best items were broken, and I just wanted to finish.
    After defeating him he declared that I was truly worthy, and gave me a new rune, my very own Divine Beast... the Master Cycle Zero
    I then traveled to Hateno Village, and killed a Silver Mane Lynel in the jungle along the way. It was night when I made it to the village, so to pass the time I played the deer hunting mini-game... and I won! (But only after reloading a few times so I don’t have to waste my arrows or my Savage Lynel Bow). I then sat at a campfire till day, and waited for the boy to wake up so I could show him the fire rod, now he wants to see a Moblin Club. I also died my soldier outfit red.
    I’m now making my way to the spring of power, and the lost woods, but first I found a Korok flower in a tunnel, but following it was difficult, since I couldn’t see where it went.

    Never forget
  • hsf_
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    Currently playing Football Manager. In my 3rd season as manager of Liverpool, about to win my 2nd Premier League title in a row, going for my 2nd Champions League title in a row. I've won almost everything you can win as manager of Liverpool, except for the Community Shield which is a 2 team competition contested between the previous seasons league winner and FA Cup winner. The only other trophy I've not won is the FA Cup, which I'm going all out for this season!
  • Unwarycoin
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    My aunt let me get Twilight Princess HD from Amazon, with the Wolf Link amiibo.
    • I managed to complete the introductory quests in Ordon Village in a few minutes (In the Wii version it took me 1 to 10 hours, and I needed to watch a let’s play)
    • I named Link, JeffFaFa, and Epona, Lanaryu (I thought that was the name I was going to give my white horse in BOTW, before changing my mind, but I was wrong. I named that horse Lanayru, but was originally gonna name her Hylia).
    • I made my way through the forest, and tried to make a jump for about 50 minutes(!), then I checked online and it’s because I couldn’t yet.
    • At some point prior to the next bullet point, I was too slow to beat the goat wrangling mini-game for a heart piece.
    • I tried to convince Ilia to give back Lanaryu, since she thought I was irresponsible by having her jump a fence (in my head I was thinking that it was the only way to leave the ranch.)
    • Right as she was going to return my horse, we were ambushed! The monsters kidnapped the children.
    • Link was turned into a wolf, and was helped by Midna.
    • Midna is hilarious.
    • We meet strange bird monsters that make funny noises.
    • We meet Zelda!
    • I grabbed the one of a kind Ordon Shield, and a sword for Midna.
    • She doesn’t like them, but holds on to them for me.
    • I prepare to save the forest from twilight, but die to the first group of Twilight Beasts because Midna wanted me to take care of them by myself.
    • After killing the Insects of Darkness, I went to the forest temple.
    • During my first visit to the forest I forgot to mention that I tried to eat some Bee Larvae for a bit of health, assuming Link would just drink four... but he guzzles all nine of them.
    • In the forest temple I meet a bunch of monkeys and Ooccoo.
    • Hint: don’t use Ooccoo in the forest temple, but you have to find her.
    • I hate the floor tile worms.
    • I beat a corrupted baboon for his boomerang.
    • After looking around for treasure chests, I get revenge on those worms.
    • After freeing all the monkeys I take on the boss.
    • It was kind of tricky, but I like the music transition when a boss is stunned.
    • I try to run into the postman, looking up how to meet him, but you simply have to progress.
    • I did not get Ooccoo’s letter, so I left to the forest and came back, thankfully I got the missable letter.
    • I free Kakariko Village from twilight... but only after blowing up a building.
    • The kids are safe, except Ilia is still missing.
    • I couldn’t grapple a Goron.
    • I’m told that the Mayor of Ordon knows how to beat them.
    • I get Lanaryu back!
    • I got my second game over trying to beat the [removed] on rhino back on a bridge.
    • I return to the village, and I start Link’s JeffFaFa’s sumo wrestling career.
    • I get the iron boots.
    • I finally completed the goat wrangling mini-game, and got a piece of heart.
    • Malo Mart is now open!
    • Completionist catch 22: if you keep the Ordon Shield, you can’t get the Wooden Shield, and getting the Wooden Shield requires burning the Ordon Shield, which can’t be replaced.
    • I struggle to grab a Goron again, but after looking it up and still not getting any useful information I realize you have to hold down the A button, not press it (half way or not).
    • I make my way up Death Mountain.
    • I wrestle the first elder, and the first time I forgot to equip the iron boots.
    • I made my way to the boss, and defeated a Goron Warrior.
    • I couldn’t find the last chest, but after looking online it’s because I have to go back for it.
    • I use Ooccoo to leave the dungeon before I fought the warrior, securing the second and last missable letter.
    • I defeated the boss, and I took a bit to figure out what to do after shooting him with an arrow.
    • I got my second Ooccoo letter after leaving Kakariko Village.
    • Addendum: even though Midna can’t even exist outside of Link’s shadow in the Light World, she can still use her powers to throw a bridge through a portal in the sky.
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    Never forget
  • Batman20
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    Im playing sleeping dogs for ps4 I know it's an old game but never played it before loving the story so far. And having hong kong as an open world map is pretty cool and a nice change from the usual American cities we get in Gta
  • rollind24
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    I just got back into Destiny 2 season of the drifter after not playing Destiny since Anthem came out. Destiny has more replay ability in their season pass than BF has
  • Unwarycoin
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    I got back into BOTW, and I fought two Silver Lynels, went under the Lomei Labyrinth to find the travel medallion, got swarmed by Guardians, found the second Leviathan in Eldin, made my way through the Lost Woods with the help of a guide (following the embers of my torch did nothing), and started The Trial of the Sword.

    Never forget
  • Spiito
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    I've been playing SWBF15's Cargo mode.

  • Unwarycoin
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    I beat the first level in Unravel, and I took a bit to get a hang on the first level, and I died on the big tree you reach after riding a bike. I was trying to get a secret, which I succeeded in doing.

    Never forget
  • Unwarycoin
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    I played Hyrule Warriors, and beat the next two levels.
    • First I took on the sorceress of the valley mission, and challenged an annoying plant. Then I replayed the level looking for the heart container that I missed, and found a locked gate I couldn’t open. I checked a guide and I couldn’t find how to open the gate, but with the guide’s help I did find the container in a rock I kept overlooking.
    • Finally I traveled to Skyloft, and I helped Fi bring soup to a sky creature, fought Giraheim (I think I misspelled that) and Volga.
    • Here’s a tip for grinding, it seems that new characters level match to your strongest unit, so you could theoretically grind Link to level 255 in the armies of ruin, and never have to level up again (barring Cia, Volga, Zelda, Impa, Wizzro, and Medli).

    Never forget
  • Black Knight: Sword of Rage Limited Edition pinball machine. Stern made a new black knight pinball that pays homage to the old one made by Williams back in the 80s and it's pretty cool. Only the LE has the upper playfield with a third flipper, it's dark and scary and of course really fun. The large Knight himself in the game sports a steel mace that spins, which is really cool, check it out (tried to find a GIF of it spinning, but nope):
    The one I played cost $1.00, and when I put in each quarter, the game's voice was yelling at me for, "More Money!!" haha
    "I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you!"
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