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Biba triple rocket barrage challenge

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edited October 2018
Any advice on best place to do this?
Ha ha yes well spotted!
Boba Fett
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  • Biba Fett? Biba Fett?! Where?


  • Chico
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    I finally did it this week. I had been trying on maps with bottlenecks like Naboo second phase for ages but never seemed to get enough players gathered in the hallways. Then I decided to pick Boba on Tatooine phase 2. Spotted a group while I was in the air all headed to the objective and just waited the other side of a doorway they were heading for. Got 3 as they all piled through. You really have to just focus on this one achievement and look for the opportunity. Which isn't very helpful for your team, but needs must.
  • Can't you score it in arcade mode?
  • kevlegs1971
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    edited October 2018
    Find a bottle neck area and spam ur rockets down there.
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  • I got this achievement in HvV on Jabba's Palace. I didn't know my team had all three heroes at the location. I helped them with my rockets and got it. I was completely shocked and surprised.

    I believe it might be easier on not to focus on it.

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