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Hi all I have listed a few hero and vilIan outfit's that I think would be cool for us to hopefully get

Comic leia adventure skin basicall just without the yellow jacket and white instead of yellow gloves.
2.General Leia the one that appears at the end of the resurrection campaign.
3. Princess of alderaan (New hope dress)

1. Darth sidious (clone wars)
2. Imperial emperor (red gown from revenge of the sith)
3. No cloak but with hood

1. Orange prison jumpsuit

1. The last Jedi outfit to be unlock able for 40k creds (same with kylo) I say this as I got the game as a birthday gift from my dad but he bought it on his account instead of mine)

Bespin jacket
Rebel pilot (degobah)
Have his hilt that is green changeable to blue so it doest contradict or make it look weird if with Rey

crimson dawn
Clone wars era
Hooded maul for theed map

First order trooper without helmet
Jacket less
Bubblesuit from last Jedi 😂

Darkside anak in available on baddies side but with red saber

That all I could think of shout some ideas of yours in comments the more we prompt dice hopefully the potential of this game won't be lost


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