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View Challenges In-Game

Can we please see our challenges in game! It takes 10 minutes to log out of a game to check a challenge and logging back on takes another 10. By that time we’ve forgotten what challenge we’re on. Please let us be able to see them in the pause menu!


  • At some point we used to get the daily challenge progression during the end of round with the other challenges. And after one they had it so we would be notified once the challenge had been completed during a round.
  • yeah they broke in-game daily-challenge-complete notifications months ago. still on the unfixed heap o bugs pile.
  • Being able to see at least daily challenges on the pause menu would help. But if we could maybe even select which type of challenge we’d like to see progress in-game would really help to plan how to reach those challenges.
    Kind of off topic, but I also get really annoyed when you look at a weapon upgrade and you can’t at least see a progress bar. You have to leave it, go to the career tab, multiplayer, then find the weapon perk you looking for. I hope they can put at least the bar. That way if we want the specifics, we go to the career tab.
    What do you guys think?
  • It’s disgusting. There’s very little professional conduct with these people
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