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Locals: AI (or reinforcements?)

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So in another thread, someone was saying they wanted to see Bespin Wing Guard skins, and though I've always believe that location-oriented or environment-oriented skins should be defaults rather than purchasable skins, it would be cool to see some of those things in the game. That led me to this idea:

What if each map, or at least some maps, had a contingent of AI that were all local forces of some kind? (Or alternatively, maybe each map could have these local forces as a sort of second default skin option for Aerials and / or Enforcers...)

If they were AI, then I would imagine they would need to be quite weak so that not much balancing would be needed to compensate. I imagine them behaving a lot like the AI in the campaign do, taking cover behind things, firing at their enemies. But they would probably have slow firing pistols that don't do hardly any damage at all, and they would probably be taken out by one hit from any weapon. Maybe not even worth any points or anything, really just there for feel and flavor.

Bespin would have Wing Guards. They would fire on Imperials.

Tatooine would have Hutt Cartel Thugs. Weequay and Rodians and Niktos. They would fire on both Rebels and Imperials.

The Death Star would have Imperial Technicians. They would fire on Rebels.

Theed would have Naboo Guards. They would fire on Droids.

Kashyyyk would have Wookiee Commoners. They would fire on Droids.

Jakku would have Scavengers, Abednedo and Aqualish and Weequay and humans. They would fire on both sides.

Yavin would have Rebel X-Wing Pilots. They would fire on Imperials.

Takodana would have Pirates and Smugglers, a mix of all the alien races plus humans. They would fire on both sides.

I mean, I know we're not going to get anything like this. They can barely give us a decent skins or additional extraction Maps, I don't imagine they're going to add something like this. But it would be cool, I think.
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  • Yes this is a good idea. Cheap ewoks on endor also.
  • Thanks. I think it'd be a neat way to add to the feel of the game without putting in skins that only work in certain settings.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about this.
    Never forget
  • Yeah, it's more an interesting thought I had than something I feel is really needed. A good way to have Bespin Wing Guards on Bespin, Geonosians on Geonosis, Gammorean Guards in Jabba's Palace, etc, and be able to interact with them a bit.

    Maybe they don't respawn, there's just like 10 of them when the game starts, and as the AI civilians flee, they stay put. But of course they die when they take any damage at all.
  • Come to think of it, I don't see fleeing civilians any more, since I stopped playing GA a few months ago. That was one of my favorite elements. They should really add that in to other modes!

    Strike, Extraction, and so on. Courtiers and smugglers and rabble fleeing Jabba's Palace. Enslaved miners fleeing the tunnels on Kessel. Tavern patrons of all species fleeing Maz's Castle on Takodana. Etc. That would be great!
  • Naboo guards on theed, the DS already struggles on that map without more help lol

    Nah decent idea, id love more interaction with the terrain and locals,
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