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Is Star wars battlefront ultimate edition (2015) worth it?

It is on sale on ps4 and im really looking forward to it,especially since ultimate edition has all dlcs! I just want to make it sure are people still playing.. It has to be better than the 2nd game,right?


  • Ppong_Man12
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    edited October 2018
    Ps4 still has a good playerbase, game can be had cheap and imo is better and more competitive than bf2 with better small modes. That said if your primarily a hero guy you may enjoy bf2 better. Imo both games are worth the money for the prices they’re at.
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  • Honestly I bought it and ya know go ahead and hate me for it but the DLC was awful. I was so lumpy for it but I’ve never actually been able to play any of it. Basically I got those heroes unlocked offline.
  • It is on sale on ps4 and im really looking forward to it,especially since ultimate edition has all dlcs! I just want to make it sure are people still playing.. It has to be better than the 2nd game,right?

    Though I prefer the sequel, I'd say it's worth it, heck in some places it's half the price of the deluxe edition.
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  • Yes in the battlefront 2015 ultimate edition are:
    -8 Heroes
    -new mode
    -a lot of maps
    I have ultimate edition is cool
  • The dlc was worth it for me for the heroes and weapons. If it is cheap, why not!
  • If you're a good player who take this game seriously on PS4 then yes get full package. There are good players on PS4 and no messing around here. Certain Heroes/Villains and certain Blasters are useful on certain maps. When you have the right ones you're bound to have a better game.

    Expansion Pack Maps are also great and there are players who specialize in them and only play those particular maps on daily basis. Playing alongside them improves your skills dramatically.
  • I have an XBox so don't know if it's the same on PS4, but I don't play online (not interested in the monthly fee after already buying the console and the games). I had the basic Battlefront (2015) and it's my son's favorite game, so when I saw the Ultimate Edition on sale I bought it to get the extra DLC. As far as I can see, the only thing it actually added to the game was the ability to use additional/new heroes. Not sure that was worth the extra cost, in my case.

    If you play online it may be different... sounds like lots of maps, new blasters... but if you're only playing offline, you may find that some of the most-hyped features are either already in what you have or, like the Death Star map, not accessible for single-player use.
  • I would get it because it is cheaper than buying the game and getting the season pass like I did. The DLC heroes are way better than regular heroes. Especially Bossk who is the best hero for the dark side, unlike the second one. [Chewbacca is the best light side hero in Battlefront 1]
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  • Mekonin
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    edited March 6
    Like any online game these days, especially EA games, it depends on your internet connection. Pot luck.

    If you have lag advantage, you can blast away and rarely get killed especially if you use ee3, bubble, bacta, spamming tumble rolls. Your hits will be twice as powerful as others, it will take twice as many hits to kill you.

    If it's the other way round, forget it. You can pump an entire round into someone even using add-ons like explosive shot, they still won't die. Your energy will deplete at twice the rate of theirs and you will need twice or three times the number of hits to kill them, assuming you get that far.

  • This edition is on sale nie for the PS4. Dirt cheap. Thinking of getting it.
  • Wolfman91
    342 posts Member
    edited March 13
    The price is awesome. I would buy it but seems like PC playerbase is verryyy small right now ;/

    Someone playing ? Is it possible to find full Walker Assault lobbies on PC ?
  • Git it for like 6$ oraz something. No problem with finding games on PS4. Can't say about PC though.
  • It's definitely worth it. The game itself was 60 dollars brand new (standard version), and the DLCs are like 20 dollars each. To be honest, I'm probably going to return my standard version (I bought brand new) and get the Deluxe version myself.
  • Guys, is it possible to play Trench run in arcade ? How big this offline mode is ? Does it contain all dlc maps ?
  • Wolfman91 wrote: »
    Guys, is it possible to play Trench run in arcade ? How big this offline mode is ? Does it contain all dlc maps ?

    Nope the DLC maps are not available offline though you do get access to all the dlc heroes in offline mode. If you don't have the dlc's can only play as the dlc heroes online.

    You can play 20 vs 20 offline in walker assault (The main game mode) with bots & 20 vs 20 in starfighter assault offline. So 2 offline modes that are 20 vs 20 bots offline.

    The ultimate edition comes with all the dlc maps. Only thing is each of the dlc maps are there own playlist.
  • Thx for the answer.
  • Courtney9089
    85 posts Member
    edited March 16
    Wolfman91 wrote: »
    Thx for the answer.

    YW though I did forget 2 offline modes

    There is a horde mode (offline) & a offline teamdeath match game (called Missions) where you & your team have to kill the other team for medals it is (10 vs 10)

    Now when you kill the enemy AI you have to pick up there medal before the AI team does or else the AI can pick it up & will lower your score. The first team to 50 medals wins. Picture pretty much call of duty & the game mode dog tags. There is also 5 hidden collectibles on each of the mission team death match maps. Though if your team gets killed you have to pick up there medals before the enemy team does.

    So eh you have a variety of stuff to do offline in 2015.

    So the team deathmatch mode where you collect medals from enemies you kill, a horde mode where you survive waves of enemies, Walker assault (20vs 20), & starfighter assault (20 vs 20). So if anything the offline is 10x better then 2017 in my opinion.

    Edit: Oh also everything is playable in splitscreen.

    Edit 2: Also forgot for the teamdeath match mode you can turn off your AI teammates & just make it you against 10 bots. So it turns into a survival game in away.
  • Thx again. Well that sounds much better than Battlefront II offline mode, but I can't comprehend why they didn't add DLCs. That would make this game timeless. I would buy it without hesitation. I only played trial version before, cause my PC was too weak to risk buying it back in the days. Right now there are only 400 people playing online on PC so...

    I'm kinda disappointed of what is happening with Battlefront 2. Still tons of bugs, imbalance, new content restricted to clone wars era, Dooku getting pajama skin ( somehow being more important than iconic Luke, Leia, Han appearances etc.), lack of immersion.

    Previous game seems to be more like Star Wars. Shame it's dying.
  • Currently bf15 with all dlc and bf2 deluxe edition can both be had in a bundle for around 7 bucks on ps4. That’s bith games for 7 dollars.
  • I got it for $5 on XB1 recently. Definitely worth the price already
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