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Definitive Hero Star Card Guide *Revised* HOK, CW Heroes/Villains Updated

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This guide will be to give you a head start for Oct. 30th Grievous/All Hero/Villain HOK Deployment. As well as being Updated per Hero/Villain being Added throughout CW Theme DLC Drops. ( I will cover the builds I will go with for GA/HVV/HS while explaining why. The goal here is not only to give everyone some extra heads up, but also to help make you a better YOU while playing these modes perspectively. Let's get started shall we.


Obi Wan:


GA: Jedi General, Forward, Quickened Focus. (This will give Obi Sustain, as well as more of a lethality in his ability rotation with All-out Push). [If you feel you need more time/experience with Obi-Wan, and want even more survivability, switch out Quickened Focus for HP Regen. It will help you last longer as you learn him].

HVV/HS: Perfect Defense, Think It Over, More Doubts. (This is CRUCIAL to Obi play in HVV. This is to lock down evasive enemies, and keep them in range of your team to Engage/Attack/Finish. He will be a Defensive animal, and Protector of his team mates, a Guardian).

Leveling Video:

Obi-Wan HVV/HS build in action:

Obi-Wan GA build in action:



GA/CQ: Tenacious, Reprisal, Either Massive Strikes or No Escape. Depends on your Preference. Basically Survival, as well as damage output/range. Again, Choose wisely/base those choices on your own personal play style.

Massive Strikes, Raw Strength, & All of Them. This is self explanatory really, ALL Out DPS. This is mainly why in testing he was "OP", because he is in his own realm of being able to constantly, and effectively/accurately dish out constant damage. He is the "Balance" Light vs Dark side team match ups the LS players were looking for. Enjoy the "Chosen One" :)

GA: Wookie Berserker, Slammed, Bonus Health (I chose these cards because it guarantees the slam kill [OVERKILL to be exact] which gives you the HOK even more consistently while also being a bit more tanky/more hp).
HVV/HS: Shocked and Vulnerable, Extended Shock, Furious Resilience. (This loadout showcases more durability and CC).

GA: Air Burst, Head Games, Heavily Modified Blaster. (This loadout is for sustain, AOE/Bursty DPS, and gives Han a much better rate of fire [Fires longer]).
HVV/HS: Air Burst, Sharpshooter's Calm, Heavily Modified Blaster. (Burst Burst Burst DPS).

GA: Maximized Efficiency, In the Zone, Wide Eyed. (Multi Target Sustain and Burst/Suppression).
Wide Eyed, Quick Shock, Hot and Cold. (CC/Murder).

Rebel Heart, For the Rebellion, Relentless Firing. (I use this build across all modes for Leia. Fire endlessly, tank direct in your face damage, and kill all before you while doing so life leeching).

GA: Extended Push, Cleansing the Darkness, Rush Immunity. (Sustain and you can soak up a bit more damage if needed).
Jedi Reflexes, Epicenter, Rush Immunity. (Soak up Way more damage with constant damage reduction while rushing into groups of Villains, and a bit more Oomf with Repulse to get the job done with CC).

GA: Survivor, Far Sight, Resilient Dash. (Sustain, Awarenes for you and your team mates at longer ranges, & slight damage reduction when dashing in or out).
Focused Sight, Deep Mind, Strong Mind. (CC & Confusion).

GA: Unleashed, Master of the Force, Jedi Mentor. (Sustain & PTO protective capable).
Enduring Presence, Feel the Force, Jedi Mentor. (Team Synergy to the Max/Protection).

GA: All Together, Stay Calm, Raised to do one thing. (Sustain & Mutli Target suppression/aquisition).
Raised to do one thing, One Resistance, No more Running. (Self Explanatory).




GA: Cyborg Rage, Beating heart , Cowardly retreat. (Sustain & Multi Target Annihilation). OR Tanky DPS Cyborg Rage, Cowardly Retreat, & Sith Trained.
Beating Heart, Cowardly Retreat, Jedi Killer. (CC & CC Survival). DPS Build would be Sith Trained with BOTH Thrust Cards. With that loadout he plays like a Blink Strike Rogue from WoW. Very powerful.

Use this as a point of reference on how to play as him:

Added Launch day Game play of Grievous using these builds as a guide:

Count Dooku:


GA: Rising Power, Sith Control, Blind Spot. (Sustain & Gives Dooku more Survivability in large scale modes, along with making sure he can get out of sticky situations/engage more proficiently).

HVV/HS: Superiority, Dominance, Masterful Duelist. (HIGH END DPS Output. This will ensure that with finesse and ease Dooku will decimate all enemies in CQC engagements/duels within these modes quite efficiently/effortlessly).

GA: Information Sharing, Intense Barrage, Death From Above. (Sustain & gives Boba some much needed beefiness while exposed in the air and using RB).
Intense Barrage, Hero Rockets, Blaster Disabler. (High DPS output against enemy Heroes & Anti Blaster countering).

GA: Trap Arming Speed, Multi Traps, Unrelenting Predator. (High/Fast Burst and Enemy Suppression/CC).
Trap Arming Speed, Multi Traps, Predator Resilience. (Same as above, but with more tankiness for CQC in these modes).

GA: Furious Resilience, Intensified Saber Throw, Dark Lord. (Sustain, Tanky, & anti trooper).
Bonus Health, Furious Resilience, Last Grasp OR Intensified Saber Throw [Up to you]).

GA: Lightning Reach, Lightning Absorption, Surge of Lightning. (Heal and Deal).
Amplified Aura, In Full Control, Prime Electrocution. (CC Burst).

Cooled Blaster, Droid Batteries, Friend in Battle. (I use this for all modes personally, works wonders).

GA: Frenzied, Bloodlust, Harsh Pull. (Sustain & Gap closing/multi target slaying).
Harsh Pull, Total Control, Bloodlust. (CC & Killing what you see).

GA: Light saber Defense, Frantic Strikes, Fool me Once. (Sustain for HP/Burst & Mobility).
Light Saber Defense, Thrown to Slow, Fool me Once. (CC/CD/Mobility).

GA: Only Pawns, Easy Shots, Not Hard Enough. (Sustain (if it works :( & anti trooper weapon setup, along with some tankiness for the long fights/engagements).
Safety First, Not Hard Enough, The More the Better. (Faster CC & Tankiness).

I play my way and it works well. Feel free to try out your own Star Card Combinations for varying results to see what better suits You and Your play style better. This list was to show what works well, and well for me from my experience throughout my time playing this game since Closed Alpha. I hope this helps anyone who was confused as to what loadouts to set for the patch deployment, as well as assists those who just needed an extra push in the right direction as to how to set their cards up for varying modes.

I will update this Guide when Obi, Anakin, and Dooku are added.

Thanks for reading guys. I hope these builds provide you with some new Insight and FUN to be had! Have a good time everyone.
May the Force be with You, Always.
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Link to all my Guides here in Tips & Tricks:

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