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Focused Feedback: General Grievous



  • Wow, you gave General grevious a full block, now why on Earth Don't maul and yoda? Incredibly unbalanced in HvV as you add more saber Heroes. Those two will eventually become obsolete once Anakin, Obi-wan, Dooku release. I can see it now.
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    F8RGE wrote: »
    What do you like about him, what don't you like?

    Why can he block blaster fire outside of Unrelenting Advance.





    He can in the show.

    No, he can't.

    He actually can, and I'm not going to knock them for adding it in, it would've been incredibly unbalanced for HvV. A saber Hero that can't block sabers....

    No he can't bro at all

    Actually he can bro, in the clone wars cartoon he reflects and kills a clone even, and more than once so its not a fluke. Sorry to burst your bubble. We're not having more broken Heroes from here on. Well done Dice for taking a stand.


    General comment & feedback for the thread:

    The only problem I see with General Grievous is that his base movement speed is slow & that costs him majorly. If he was more quicker on his feet I think that'd be great. (Same with his ability Unrelenting Advance, it's a bit slow). He'd be able to gap the distance between his target & when he needs to flee. Secondly I'm not too fond of his combo/strings when he's attacking, it could of had a more structure & grace behind it (like how he showed in Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon). After all he was trained by Count Dooku himself, apart from that he looks great and his abilities match up with him well.

    Side note: I love how he flips out of his Claw Rush ability when it ends, it's exactly how it was in the movies when he was escaping from Obi and gets onto his TSMEU-6 Wheel Bike. I'm definitely getting Star Wars: Clone Wars vibes from it too.
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  • To me grievous seems generaly pretty good, and certainly has lots of potential. However, he's so buggy, making two of his abilities not worth using (his claw rush is very good though)
  • Cadoth
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    Abuuru wrote: »
    For those dying to play him in hvv or GA, don't waste your time, you'll only get frustrated.

    Even though he really needs adjustments for his strike speed and his abilities I managed to get good points with him in HvH, he could be great with some fixes
  • F8RGE wrote: »
    With General Grievous releasing today I'm expecting a lot of threads and discussion to pop up with thoughts, feedback and ideas.

    In an attempt to keep things orderly please use this thread for all your Grievous feedback. What do you like about him, what don't you like?

    One thing to note. First impressions are great and you're welcome to share these, but please refrain from posting "buff Grievous" because you were defeated quickly. It's going to take time to get used to any new hero, and Grievous is no different.
    was extremely disappointed and underwhelmed. Not fun to play as and his abilities are useless. Can’t tel if broken or meant to be like that but half the time you’re better off just not using them. 7 months and this is what we got. Don’t wanna be one of those uninstalling guys but you guys are making it seem like 1 step forward two steps back.
  • Most people don’t even use him on Xbox, which is why I got to test him so much lol. That should speak volumes. After one round they tend to pick another hero. And it’s not because we need to “get good” he’s C tier at best
  • Indiana_Jim
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    I have only been Grievous in Arcade. This is a Bee Ess hero select system and HvV is garbage with its newest running target! Yay! LOSE THE TARGET SYSTEM FOR THE LOVE OF LUKE!
  • Tried to get him in GA but never did. I did play him in Arcade mode though and found him to be okay. Not an absolute beast but not an absolute lemon either. I guess that means balanced?

    I know a lot of people have mentioned his four saber attack not working for them and I had that issue at first. I found that it worked every time if i started a little further away than you would expect. It probably just takes timing practice.
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  • I was just on endor and use the unrelenting advance into a crowd of a solid dozen rebels and not a single 1 died. You would think FOUR LIGHTSABERS WITH 2 CONTINUOUSLY ROTATING MIGHT KILL AT LEAST 1 TROOP
  • swellinfoil266
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    great really great best thing in a long time . cant wait for the rest of the years content.

    here are the few things ive noticed.

    sometimes his default light sabers(rt) go really ssslllooowww.
    the turn rate of unrelenting advance is slow, I know that is the point and its supossed to be that way but thats my opinion.

    what is the blue/green lines that come up when you look at someone, as far as i can tell its the thrust surge lock?

    all of this was team battle arcade on naboo( if that matters)

    it seems like the auto spawn as assault has been fixed thought( at least for me)
  • I also feel as if Unrelenting Advance could use a damage buff. It is way too weak considering the nature of the attack.
  • Daremtz wrote: »
    And another thing, it's almost insulting to see the RT combo animations. Not creative whatsoever. Really just a spit in our face. He only utilized 2 as it is, the combo sucks, there was no gratification to playing him when the update dropped. Ugh. Just can't stop thinking about how half **** the main attack combo is. They didn't even try. I really wish a company would redo battlefront 2. Why did I have to get stuck in the universe with the ruined battlefront 2?

    Right. I wish his main melee lightsaber attacks looked exactly like this or at least have some similarities to it. It currently looks so half asked, clunky and dull. It looks like he's using his sabers to just swipe left or right while using Tinder.

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  • I created an account just to give feedback lol.

    Anyway I play on Xbox One (Xbox One S specifically if that matters) anyway after a few games of playing as general grievous. Noticed his play style is basically like Darth Maul's play style (just with a bit more health a blocking in emergency's only). If you get surrounded you are practically toast (though could probably be said for every hero)

    Anyway his thrusting attack/ability no idea if I have been lucky or what but it kills & hits someone every time on my end.

    His unrelenting force attack/ability. Noticed on my end/for me it works sometimes but not all the time. Most of the time I have noticed it will hit them once & that is it. If it doesn't instantly kill them you practically just stand there till it kills them. The few games I have had where it actually worked wiped the floor with mobs in front of you. So his unrelenting force ability/attack is a hit & miss from personal experience. Oh have also seen it block blaster shots a few times but not all the time though. I am not a fan of the slow turning though it's like at a snails pace, maybe get it speed up just a bit probably would help?

    His crawling ability haven't really messed around with it a whole bunch so really can't comment on that one. Except for the fact I think I need to hold down the RB on my xbox controller & it cancels it. Though that's on my part lol.

    Anyway thought I would through my 2 cents in.
  • Sice the updtate, you can't change characters mid game.


  • First of all I would like to thank all of the developers for the hard work they've put in to such a magnificent hero! Much love for the team at DICE!
    Alright so I played for a couple hours with grievous in all sorts of environments and watched some live streams of game play as well so my reasoning has some merit. Here are the things that were done exceptionally well with Grievous, and what could be improved upon:

    -Phenomenal voice acting
    -The array of emotes
    -Visual appeal
    -Damaged skin
    -Animations for the complicated abilities where he needs special limbs (e.g. Relentless Advance or Claw Rush)
    -The end animation for Claw Rush is so Grievous like it needs a note of its own
    -The choice of abilities is exciting and unique (well executed)
    -The star cards all have some viability with no cards reigning supreme (albeit the health star cards as it is with every hero)
    -The Claw Rush ability has a great duration time as it can be used for charging or retreating
    -Relentless advance is not ridiculously slow, so it can actually have an effect

    -Thrust Surge seems to not work a lot of the time (e.g. I will use it on a trooper in arcade and grievous will stab bit not damage the AI, but the same occurs for multiplayer)
    -Thrust surge damage is a little unclear as of now since it doesn't land sometimes... is it supposed to be a trooper one shot or a hero health destroyer? Hard to tell
    -Relentless Advance doesn't deflect all blaster bolts, sometimes seemingly none of them
    -Grievous' movement seems a little too sluggish and enemies can easily escape plus his abilities malfunction sometimes
    -Grievous' striking speed, movement speed, and defensive measures could be buffed in order to stabilize him as a viable hero. Currently it is difficult to survive as Grievous as it takes a long time to kill enemies with slow reactivity and his minimal blocking mechanisms (since Relentless Advance does not work all of the time). Grievous isn't a tank like Vader, yet he doesn't have the speed to avoid massive damage intake


    Overall I love Grievous as a hero and I think he was extremely well executed in production with some hiccups that need some adjustment. Keep all that he is, but improve his abilities' reliability and movement mechanics would be my vote in the handling of Grievous. Obviously time will tell the severity of the minor flaws he has, but this is how it appears now. Thank you DICE!
  • Greivous unrelenting advance will need some serious work, both in aracade and HvV had people just standing there and taking no damage, some even walked straight through it and then attacked from behind.
    It seems to only do damage on the first hit and then nothing, which defeats the whole purpose of attacking someone with your lightsabers spinning at their face, since the animation is quite long and leaves him open for attacks i think it should do more damage or it's just a matter of the intended damage not applying.

    As a sidenote, i was faced with a bug i haven't seen in such a long time that i thought it was fixed or i was just really lucky to not be affected by it for ages, while playing Palpatine i was hit with a force push and ended up rolling over the floor not able to do anything, after i rolled half way through the Death Star i had to respawn to fix it.
  • Grievous32
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    As usual, a lot of people here don't even take the time to master the character before give a feedback on his usefulness in a fight against heroes or against troopers...

    I'm level 9 now with Grievous and I think I found where is the problem with the deflection of blasters' shots. If you use the ability when you don't have stamina, then it will not deflect the shots.

    Also you really have to play with Claw Rush to make enemies down before attack them. For those people I saw writing we should be able to cancel Claw Rush... Then, just play the game more, because you actually can cancel it when you want...

    He is really awesome.

    Now, some negative points remaining :

    - Thrust Surge doesn't work everytime, as mentionned before
    - We should be able to turn right or left when moving forward using the spinning lightsabers attack, by using the right stick and not the left (it's not really instinctive to look with left stick when we use the right stick everytime otherwise) EDIT : you actually can.
    - He should be able to turn a little bit more quickly when using his spinning lightsabers
    - The spinning lightsabers should deal more damages at close range and continually like the flame thrower of the First Order
    - Of course, he can't deflect all the blasters' shots if he begins his spinning lightsabers ability while he has no more stamina and it must be fixed !

    I think this is the most important things to change.

    Now I still regret to have this star card giving to him +30 dph -40% staminaperhit and Thrust Surge. I really think it would have been better to see Grievous ignite 4 lightsabers and make more damage, letting us attack just like a basic attack but with 4 lightsabers, preventing him to dodge and sprint, just attack like a beast to make a lot of damages instead of just ignite 4 lightsabers to stab the enemy with only one hit (which doesn't work yet).

    I know it would need a lot more work for animator, but as a 3D animator too, I can't tell how much I would love to work on something complex like this !

    Things that don't need to change in my opinion :

    - Attack speed, and defense (stamina etc.). He deals a lot of damage... speed up the animation would make him really too OP, it's to people to learn how to play him, don't buff it.
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  • My take so far, blaster heros ruin him, it's like he takes extra damage from them or something, his block is very weak against blaster fire it should deflect them randomly and during unrelenting advance be immune to blaster damage, unrelenting advance does little to no damage and you are completely venerable from behind, thrust surge does not work and when it does it work does very little damage, claw rush is good but the transition when it's over takes way too long, getting "stunned" breaks you out of every ability and even glitches you out leaving you unable to control him, he feels clunky to play as and not as responsive as he should be, in HvV he has no cape on the intro although it looks like a something is there (not much of a issue), he destroys troopers like a boss though
  • Huge Problem that needs to be fixed.

    when he is using unreletless advance(UA) and some one luke push repulse or chewbacca slam . he goes flying but the ability doen't turn off. so UA is still active but he doesn't swing his light sabers causing zero damage and EXTREMELY slow movment and turn rate when play you can't do anything at all intill the move is over and you can't cancell the ability by retrigering it when this happends
  • thrust surge doesn't work unless you hit them strait on and if you target some one behind some one else all people die.
    my best chain with that is five on arcade but im not sure if this was intetional
  • Just a few things.

    Unrelenting Advance seems a bit... "slow." I understand Grievous cant just twirl his lightsabers around all day and gets kills, but the lightsabers connect after about 1-2 seconds after each other

    Thrust Surge can seemingly be avoided by just dodging to the side, or moving away in General.

    No sound when you enter Unrelenting Advance. (Not a gamebreaking issue, but I feel like he should have a little audio cue, like a click, or some other sound.)

    No flames in his death animation. (Once again, not a gamebreaking issue, but you can't use the Revenge of the Sith death scene, without any flames.)

    There might be some more, but that's all I've noticed so far
  • Grievous32
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    My take so far, blaster heros ruin him, it's like he takes extra damage from them or something, his block is very weak against blaster fire

    Actually, I think this is his weakness and I'm happy he has one because he's incredibly strong and agressive against Jedi. He really has his statut of a Jedi killer. The problem is not that blaster heroes ruin him, the problem is as usual, that heroes' electric stun equipment is stupid... The stun is too long and it should not make players unable to play or do anything... It should just slow them down, maybe use their stamina over the time slowly, prevent them to dodge but not to deflect...
    causing zero damage and EXTREMELY slow movment... and you can't cancell the ability by retrigering it when this happends

    You can't stop it but reactivate it.
    EDIT : You'll only reactivate it visually, even during the cooldown ! This means you'll see him makes his lightsabers spinning, BUT you'll take damage just like if you standed here, doing nothing.
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  • TiNie
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    Althought he has 800 base hp, it seems like he has 600, he takes to much dmg compared to other heroes. When Lando stunnes him, it takes only 3 seconds from full hp to zero with Landos blaster.

    Ehm, this with Lando's shock is valid in general. Lando can kill every villain, except of a raged Vader, with one stun. The same with Chewie's and Kylo's "stuns". That's what a lot of people I know criticize.
  • He is really cool and playing with him feels fresh, BUT:

    Unrelenting Advance is beyond glitchy - it almost never really works as somehow it's being stopped/cancelled by the smallest hit/shoot (and no, I don't mean me accidentally cancelling it myself).

    He takes damage like there's no tomorrow. Makes me think he would get obliterated in GA (that's me saying this without having equipped any cards yet).

    He feels a bit... slow and clunky. I know he is supposed to be, but he is really slow compared to other heroes/villains.

    Lastly, that 20,000 skin has to be the biggest waste of credits I've ever seen. That amount of credits for a few scars here and there that barely change his appearance. Defo not gonna bother unlocking it ..... for now :smiley:
  • A_C0NFU53D_SH03
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    Unrelenting advance should at least one shot 150 hp infantry, and it should block all blasters in front of him. There's a gap in the middle where players can take you down rather easily. The card to improve it's damage should make it almost one hit heavys. He doesn't move very fast with that ability and it's easy to dodge or run away from with heroes, I wouldn't be concerned about it being op. Now moving on to thrust surge, it's buggy, general grevious spins in circles if there's too many enemies around, and it doesn't deal any damage sometimes. His crawl is his only flawless ability. Until these fixes are put into place @F8RGE his only ability worth using is his crawl rush, and it's very sad it has to be like that.
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  • valeri0706 wrote: »
    He feels a bit... slow and clunky. I know he is supposed to be, but he is really slow compared to other heroes/villains.

    Do you consider the fact he is also the most powerful hero...? He deals more damage than Vader without his star card giving him even more damage per hit. In this way, I think it's well balanced.
  • Bugs:

    Sabers make no humming noise like in Main menu. Only when you lress block it comes on.

    Victory pose 4 has blue lower sabers unlike normally colors crossed you know.


    Put him in MVP further back, hes too large black and other heroes overlap a bit.

    Give him his 4 arm out like in the other games.
    My priority list:

    1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
    2. Fix bugs
    3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
    4. More love for Starfighter modes
    5. First Person only mode
  • Ok. I played one single round with Grievous so far. I managed to grab him in an HvV match. I LOVED playing with him! Absolutely wrecked the other team, had two 7-player killstreaks, it was awesome!

    If you jump attack with him you can speed up your attacks, use Thrust Surge only as a finisher, Claw Rush to pursue one or escape several and not the other way around, and only use Unrelenting Advance as a last resort, he’s AWESOME.
  • UnknownGamer
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    Couple things.
    1.)Wonderful animation and sound.
    2.)I found one bug, if you claw rush with Greivous at places such as Kamino(did this in arcade), if you go airborne while going down stairs you exit the ability.
    3.) Can we maybe tone down the sensitivity of claw rush? Makes it hard to control...
    4.)I like how he goes between 2 and 4 arms.
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  • My first impressions are that he will play a lot like Kylo - he can swing like crazy but can't block very long

    There is a glitch where opposing players can't see that he has Unrelenting Advance activated.

    Once his cards are upgraded and you get used to him I think he can be very good - but jumping to conclusions to nerf/buff him after one day is a bit much.
  • Here's my feedback: Yes Grievous is amazing, his animations sounds etc are awesome but some bugs and problems are pretty frustrating:
    -Surge: We need to take our time to lock an enemy and in GA it is pretty useless because it take to much time + miss the target sometimes. Good in H vs V thought
    -Advance: Very buggy, doesn't block all the blaster shots, it is slow and pretty useless in any situation right now, really need a buff in my opinion, because the concept behind this ability is really great.
    -Rush: Awesome ability, the best right now, maybe a little bit more control would be great but I guess with practice it'll be okay.
    I'm sure with a hotfix this guy can be very great and a really fun hero to play with. Just need to fix those problems, and maybe a buff for his second ability and we're good.
  • So I was on Theed with Grievous. This is after 15 onslaught matches in arcade (giving as many reasonable advantages to the bots as possible), one full round of Grievous HvV, and 4 attempts in Galactic Assault.

    So I spawn in as Grievous approximately halfway through Phase 1. After my previous Grievous experiences, I choose to be much more cautious and selective about my surroundings than any other hero/villian in the game (including Boba and Phasma). I will not stand in the back though, but chose to pick a squad made up of 2 players in the top 5 of our team. We advanced slowly to protect a disruptor. 2 Heavy troopers, 1 Specialist and 1 Officer are advancing towards the same disruptor. One of our troopers bails out (thanks chicken clown) but my other troopers stuck with me.

    The engagement was impossible. Even though I had supportive surpressing fire, I don't have enough stamina to block any incoming fire so in order to play the objective, I had to burn my crawl ability to simply close the gap. I knocked down a Heavy (which rarely works like that) and popped up and killed the Specialist. Success! One kill! By the time I was fully out to the end animation and turned around, I was dead. Not exaggerating. Even if I had any health left, I'm too slow to dodge to cover anyway.

    I feel like Grievous is a catch 22 right now. You're super excited to get him, but once you have him you're like....

    Run away.
    Run away again.
    Emote again because they are awesome.
    Run away.
    I got a kill!
    I'm dead...

    But it's only day 1, so we'll see what tomorrow brings!
  • I find I spend more time actually hunting Jedi than running away from them.
  • I find I spend more time actually hunting Jedi than running away from them.

    Teach me.
  • I have only been Grievous in Arcade. This is a Bee Ess hero select system and HvV is garbage with its newest running target! Yay! LOSE THE TARGET SYSTEM FOR THE LOVE OF LUKE!

    Eh Finn aye Jim, could not agree more!
  • Hey everyone.
    I've got an idea.
    What about an ability/star card in the future that would make grievous use 4 sabers for a duration of 10-15 secs.?
    I think a lot of people would've liked to see a different ability to the stab-attack.

    What does everyone think of this idea?
  • Grievous suckz. Sloooooowwwwww. and he dies fast with shock grenades.

    Playing Lando & Chewie for a month I guess. I wasted 35K on weird back armor with a slow trot....
  • Ok, first thoughts on Grievous:

    1. His abilities can be deadly when they work, but they are very buggy.
    2. He is pretty slow and can't jump very high
    3. He has high health and high lightsaber damage.

    This is my currant ranking of the lightsaber villains against lightsaber heroes:

    1. Vader
    2. Kylo
    3. Grievous
    4. Maul (simply because he can't block)

    Even though I put Grievous third, I do think he needs fixes to his abilities. Also, for all the people saying he is terrible, do you really expect yourself to be as good with a hero you have played for one day as a hero you have played for eleven months?
  • 7nur71vt3j3l.jpeg

    I’m getting use to him. You will need star cards and to not fight enemies in the middle of the battelfield. I suggest leveling up Grevous in HVV and then take him GA.
  • 7nur71vt3j3l.jpeg

    I’m getting use to him. You will need star cards and to not fight enemies in the middle of the battelfield. I suggest leveling up Grevous in HVV and then take him GA.

    I smell a fake picture.
  • Especially considering someone finished third with 14,000, Grievous came second with 16,000, and Yoda came first with 13,000?
  • Especially considering someone finished third with 14,000, Grievous came second with 16,000, and Yoda came first with 13,000?

    Maybe my eyes have betrayed me...
  • Especially considering someone finished third with 14,000, Grievous came second with 16,000, and Yoda came first with 13,000?

    No it didn’t finish adding up the score I took the picture before yoda score was completed added up. The correct is 17,000. Sorry was in a hurry to take the picture so I didn’t let it finish add up.
  • I think it was a mistake to release this character without a light side to balance it out. HvV is a mess now.
  • Grievous32
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    Bleggg wrote: »
    Grievous suckz. Sloooooowwwwww. and he dies fast with shock grenades.

    Playing Lando & Chewie for a month I guess. I wasted 35K on weird back armor with a slow trot....

    Grievous doesn't suck. YOU suck as Grievous.

    Anyway, I played alone in a versus duel on Arcade to make some test, here the result :


    - Grievous can restore 250 HP, and 350 HP with an active epic star card.
    - Grievous deals 130 dph with his lightsabers, and 160 dph with an active epic star card.
    - Grievous deals 260 dph with his lightsabers when he attacks from behind, and 320 with an active epic star card.
    - Grievous can block 10 lightsabers hits before being out of stamina.


    - If you start Unrelenting Advance when you have used all your stamina, you'll be hit by EVERY SINGLE SHOT.
    - The same thing is not true with lightsabers, you still block them.
    - Unrelenting Advance can't block all the shot at a very close range. Some of them will pass through the lightsabers spinning.
    - Unrelenting Advance can hit 5 times max and deal 75 dph to a total of 375 damages for the ability. It can up to 115 dph with an epic star card to a total of 575 damages for the ability with an epic star card.
    - Unrelenting Advance can be relaunch visually when you've been pushed on the ground and press the button to use it. It will be visually only, it means you can see Grievous use the ability but it doesn't actually use it. While this bug is active, you can still move and press a button to attack or use another ability.
    - Grievous star card to 40% resistance while using Unrelenting Advance is also really efficient, especially if you're facing Chewbacca. Indeed, Grievous take less damage while using Unrelenting Advance with 40% resistance than when he's trying to deflect Chewbacca's shot.
    - In contrary to what I said before, you are able to turn right and left while you move forward with Unrelenting Advance active, but it is a really close angle, and still not very intuitive to turn with the left stick in my opinion.


    - Thrust Surge ONLY HIT when you have your reticle on the target, or if you're really close.
    - Thrust Surge can be dodge by an enemy who just walk on the side or backward
    - Thrust Surge deal 160 dph, up to 200 dph with an epic star card


    - Claw Rush deals 130 dph
    - Cancel Claw Rush after hitting an enemy will double the hit and up the damages to 260 !
    - Claw Rush with the epic star card deals 180 dph, and 360 in total if you cancel the ability beside an enemy. It's really effective and make it the best ability at the moment !
    - Claw Rush star card epic making Grievous 90% resistant is REALLY efficient. Due to the speed of Grievous, it could make it more useless than other star card, but the Force Dash of Luke Skywalker for example just deal 10 dph to Grievous instead of 100 dph when this Star Card is active while Grievous use Claw Rush


    Now, I think the 2 things that could change are these :

    - Unrelenting Advance should hit with less damage per hit BUT with a hit to EACH time the lightsabers make a turn (not sure of this sentence, sorry, hope you'll understand). It would of course deal the same total of damage => 375 in total but distributed to each hit of lightsabers over the duration of the ability.

    - Thrust Surge should hit EVERYTIME, even if you have not your reticle on the enemy, because Grievous just focus on him anyway, EXCEPT of course, when the enemy dodge at the right time.

    Hope you'll like the time I spend for these information. :wink:
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  • I haven’t played a lot with him, but his abilities are very buggy, specially unrelenting advance and thrust surge (they don’t track the enemy at times or the don’t hit the enemy, and unrelenting advance sometimes doesn’t block anything)
    Apart from that I think unrelenting advance should last longer (I discovered there isn’t a star card to increase the active time), do more damage and more frequently because deals like half damage of a normal attack every three seconds (which requires to stay with the enemy still and the enemy will always run) and even with the star card is too low, fix the blocking bug and finally to make it faster in all ways: moving forward and turning around
    With thrust surge the only issues I find is that most of the times it will miss or don’t do anything to the enemy and the proximity indicator
    Also fix the blocking bug

    I will be back once I have played with it a bit more
  • Are some of these guys for real?

    "Ive played with him a few minutes....." or "I played one round with him"

    Hopefully Dice & Ben completely ignore these comments, nowhere near enough time to formulate a proper analysis.

    Im at level 10 with him and the only issue Ive seen is his crawl ability not disengaging so when you stand up you still hear the crawl sound and are unable to attack. Really enjoying his so far,doesnt seem like he will be able to carry a team like Vader but will def be a factor.
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