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Play as Hero Option and Spawn Timer

It seems to me the best way to fix the "camp the spawn screen for a hero" issue is to institute a spawn timer (maybe 30 seconds?) and a dibs system for the top Battle Points earners in the game. Once the first person earns the requisite amount, have the popup "Play as hero?" If yes, they immediately go to hero selection and have thirty seconds to pick the hero they want, swap star cards, etc. The moment one of the first heroes dies, the next person gets the popup and so on. With a reduction in Officer BP gain, this should make it more fair across the board, AND reduce the number of people simply waiting for a hero. I honestly don't know why it wasn't this way from the beginning.


  • Definitely. The queue system right now is very poor when obtaining heroes and it got worse after the squad system update when they introduced a spawn timer. As a result you may end up losing a hero to someone else during the time to wait. This needs to be introduced to stop players from just waiting at the menu screen for a hero to be free.
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