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Officer pistols need a steeper damage drop off at range

Officers are outclassing the Specialists as snipers. Though with the EL-16hfe, Assault is out-sniping specialists, too. But pistols are supposed to be close-range weapons. I can't even count the number of times I've been burst killed by an Officer from across the map.

They need more damage drop-off at mid-range, and then even more at long-range.

Then just give Assault more BP for Scan Darts, Specialist more BP for Scramble, and Heavy more BP for Defender. Then Officer would not only be balanced, but we wouldn't see the same spam from people who only care about getting heroes and Enforcers.


  • Unfortunately, they've almost always been the broken class with the Blurgg and the SE-44C, but I agree to fix it they need to increase the damage drop off immensely.
  • AuraStorm
    382 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    In my experience the se is so inaccurate at range nerfing the range damage is pointless

    Haven’t used the blurg in awhile but it has the same issues
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