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Line Up Weaklings Card doesn't work, and other Grievous issues

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edited October 2018
I've tested it over and over - the Line Up Weaklings Card does not add damage - it actually seems to make it not work at all after the first hit

And the Claw Rush ability has pretty horrible hit detection as is - it does not damage opponents he clearly runs right through

And of course Thrust Surge has terrible hit detection, and is basically a dumb move since it is like a normal strike but takes longer and get you stuck in an animation leaving you super vulnerable - and it glitches out frequently - please replace this with a sort of Focused Rage ability, where he has his 4 sabers out and can do more damage and is more tanky for a duration

And Unrelenting Advance is really bad - doesn't even block damage from the front consistently (I shot grievous directly in the head multiple times while he was doing this ability while right in from of him). Further, it does super lame damage - and again gets you stuck and vulnerable - and the animation isn't seen by opponents, it just looks like he's standing there...

I am enjoying him somewhat nevertheless, but these abilities are seriously lacking
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