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Rey Deserves 100 Health on Hero Kill at Epic like everyone else now

She is the only one who only gets 60 max


  • She's a rookie while everyone is experienced she alright
  • They should all have wallhacks too
  • Honestly this isn't such a big deal, with all the other issues, just an opinion, and simple tweak
  • I couldn't agree more now that Darth Maul has a 100 health buff for hero kills.
  • It would be great to finally move one step away from a nerf to bring Rey back to her former glory. She needs a buff, she has only been nerfed since launch
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  • Thunderlike
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    edited October 2018
    Rey is by far the best hero on the light side (wallhack OP). And she is very good in ls combat if you are good at reading the opponent and dashing behind them (getting behind them without getting seen on radar is ez too).
    She also gets 60 health when killing an enforcer class which imo makes her stat card the best :D sometimes you run into a hero fight him and someone else gets your kill but you lost health. You can get it back easy by fighting enforcers. I love her starcards and played her imediatly since launch she is still the best imo and I would not touch her at all.
    If I had a wish for free she would get her old insight range back though lol xD that was so busted haha

    Sry for bad english I‘m from Germany and on my law exam right now so I don‘t have my mind collected 😂
  • This sounds fair to me.
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