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I hate and find new hero selection confusing

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edited October 2018
That fat white hero window is showing luke,and yet im finn.soo literally you dont know which character you are on until his face appears...smh


  • DarthLando
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    edited October 2018
    It’s hot garbage, yes.
  • Amen!
  • It's a glitch. The selection screen is frozen, but you can still see which hero you're going to use based on the render that pops up and the star cards. Also, if someone else selects a hero they'll still be greyed out.

    Never forget
  • Agree, but you guys first must read about things before posting straight away here!

    Addition tho, when you selected a Hero or is taken, its just graued out not with a line or two lines (showdown) on the icons.

    They change thing that didnt need change, much overdoing in the game.
    Priority list:

    1. Fix Split Screen bugs and the rest
    2. Reduce bright Saber glows especially on Yodas head
    3. 41st Scout clone trooper
    4. Max out Arcade maps Combat area
    5. First Person only mode
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