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Heroine's that faced grevious and lived aswell as two planets

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edited November 2018
Clone wars is filled with great characters but as we are starting to get more ladies I thought it would be good to voice my opinion on who should be added as well as there respective planet,
Jedi Master Stass Allie
would be amazing to see with 2 outfits robe on and off, her speeder as a vehicle and selucami as her planet she was there looking for grevious in episode 3, she also faced grevious Two times once in the clone wars before her cousin and again in the defence of chancilor palpatine.

Aayla secura: I think aayla secura would look amazing redesigned on ps4 as she was in 2004''s battlefront 2 and was always my favorite to play only in this game one lightsaber would be best, she has faced grevious 3 and 2 battles with ventress one of them alongside luminara unduli times barely survived the last encounter but is still a force to be reckoned with.she could come with selucami with Stass but felucia is such a beautiful planet.

Luminara unduli: planet alzoc 3 faced ventress there with aayla

Ventress: faced grevious a few times I believe

Aurra sing just a great villan to add

Mother talzin

Savage opress


  • Ashoka Tano and ventress plus Jango and padme plus mace and Savage opress are a must. Also we need coruscant, mustafar and madalore to suit these characters.
  • ElfiGreen4
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    edited November 2018
    If anything when we get ashoka we should get the seventh sister think sarah Michelle gellar was awsome in rebel's then for ventress we get luminara, aurra sing to go against aayla
  • Dantooine with mace windu 😍
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