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August Community Calendar

Hero's and villans 25 of each (my opinion)

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edited November 2018
With all the current ones we have 17 exactly, with the addition's of dooku, anakin, obi wan, padme and ahsoka to villans I would add comment your favourite's out of my choices!

Aurra sing
Cad bane
Asajj Ventress
The seventh sister
Jango Fett
Mother talzin
Director krennic
Governer price
The grand inquisitor
Pong krill
Pre Vizla
Prosset Dibbs (inquisitor)

Hero's I would add:
Captain Rex
Luminara Unduli
Mace windu
Jyn erso
Mon mothma
Ezra bridger
Aayla secura
Hera syndulla
Kanan Jarus
Depa billaba
Commander cody
Stass Allie
Plo koon
Bo katan
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